Accounts Receivable


Post Cash Deposits to Tenant Ledgers:

  • Input daily deposits and post to tenant accounts. Verify batch control totals agree to the deposit total.
  • Record any unclear items to income category PPD and follow up with the tenant regularly until an adjustment has been made to the tenant's account reflecting proper detailed posting of the tenant's check. This task requires the use of a follow up tickler.


  • Use MRI to run billing statements on each tenant to determine status of accounts and mail/email to tenants for those that have past due balances.
  • Run Receivables Ledger Report on past due accounts to determine if misapplication of checks have occurred.
  • Contact tenant and discuss specifics of past due items.
  • Provide requested documentation on special charges if needed.
  • Determine reason for late payment and get commitment for payment date.
  • Notify Collections Manager/AR Supervisor of tenants with financial problems.
  • Follow up with tenants until account is brought current.
  • Aggressively pursue any portion of outstanding balances after account is 10 days past due.
  • Breakout and identify areas not in question such as billboard charges, special tenant expenses, percent rents and aggressively pursue payment piece by piece if necessary.
  • Just prior to monthly default meetings, update tenant collection notes in the Collection Status Report (TANG_COLSTA2) for all tenants with balances over 30 days that exceed $1,000
  • Participate in monthly default meetings, identifying tenants to be put in default. Process Notice of Default letters and record defaulted accounts on the Legal Default Summary spreadsheet. Monitor tenants placed in default until default cure date has elapsed, and later if appropriate. Inform Collections Manager of any uncured defaults.
  • Refer delinquent accounts to Collections Manager/AR Supervisor, who will turn same over to legal following exhaustion of all other collection efforts.
  • Prepare Top Ten Collection Issues report (excluding temporary tenants) detailing charges and collection status of all past dues over 60 days that exceed $500. Review with Collections Manager/AR Supervisor and enlist aid of AVP Lease Accounting/Assistant Controller where needed
  • For the Accounts Receivable Specialists who are responsible for temporary tenants:
  • Manage temporary tenant accounts utilizing all applicable processes as listed in this job description.
  • Additionally, prepare for monthly temporary tenant collections meetings by anticipating issues that might arise.
  • Collection Status Report (TANG_COLSTA9) should be updated to reflect notes on all tenants with balances over 30 days that exceed $250.
  • The AR Demands Summary spreadsheet should be updated to reflect the status of all Legal demands sent.
  • The Temporary Tenant Issues report should be updated monthly and distributed to all meeting attendees
  • Send Rent Reminder Letters as needed
  • Send Percentage Rent Reminder Memos as needed

Tenant Reconciliations:

  • On a monthly basis, review and audit accounts with large outstanding balances to verify billing amounts are accurate per the lease.
  • Review, respond and reconcile tenants' accounts as questions arise due to misapplication of payments or credits, billing disputes that fall within the parameters of training provided, etc.
  • Document and file reconciliations and responses to tenants. Keep Collections Manager/AR Supervisor apprised of reconciliations in process.
  • Track unpaid amounts greater than $500 for Annual Recovery and Estimate Reconciliation billings. The Excel spreadsheet template should be populated each month beginning with June and continuing until all amounts are collected. This will require monitoring the Reconciliations in Progress workbook and working closely with Lease Accounting to ensure timely resolution of disputed amounts.
  • Prepare tenant adjustment forms as required to correct tenants' accounts. Upon approval, input the adjustment if it is within the scope of approved data entry for AR Specialists. Otherwise, forward to the appropriate Lease Accountant to be input. In all cases, forward the input adjustment to management for approval and posting. Follow up on posted adjustment to ensure that tenant is advised of all changes on their accounts.
  • Scan all adjustments by portfolio.

Sales Reporting:

  • Collect monthly gross sales reports from tenants throughout the month.
  • Follow established procedures for batch entry of sales to ensure sales are accurately input into MRI.
  • Review missing sales query, update status of all missing sales and variances +/- 50%; call tenants who have not reported sales in a timely manner.
  • Persist in acquiring sales still missing after percentage rents are billed in update, especially those that billed on estimated sales, until all sales have been collected.
  • Scan all sales by portfolio
  • Send Sales Reporting Compliance Letters as needed

Process miscellaneous tasks:

  • Log all cash received via lockboxes, local deposits and ACHs/wires. Create PDF files for all cash batches logged and prove the batches periodically, verifying that PDF files have been created and properly archived for all cash batches logged
  • Scan payment reversal and reapply batches
  • Scan non-sufficient funds batches
  • Prepare for and contribute to quarterly AR team meetings
  • Provide assistance to Lease Accountants for annual reconciliation billings and other special projects as needed.


Category Code: JN001


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