Floor Technician
Adena Health System
 Greenfield, OH

Position Description

High School Diploma or GED. Preferred 1 - 2 years experience. The Floor Technician is responsible for maintaining and cleaning floors and carpets within the facilities. Maintains the cleanliness of floors, stairs and carpets including vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing floors to remove any stains and keep them hygenic. Assist with cleaning and other tasks in the facility. Ensure that inventories are logged and supplies and equipment stay fully stocked for future cleaning tasks. When stock runs low, may be responsible for reordering supplies or notifying supervisor so that more products can be ordered. When carrying out cleaning tasks, places signs nearby to alert others that floors may be wet or slippery. Updates cleaning schedules and ensures that all solvents and chemical cleaners are used according to safety regulations and guidelines. Stripping and waxing floors as needed.