Pesticide Controller - Delhaize America

Food Lion, LLC Greencastle, PA
Job Title: Pesticide Controller

Certified and licensed pesticide applicator who maintains programs to control, monitor, and/or eliminate pests that could adversely affect stored items. To manage and monitor all pest control issues for Distribution Centers to maintain compliance with all Pest Control laws at Federal and State levels.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

* Responsible for monitoring pest control devises (interior and exterior) at the Grocery and Perishable operations and change out baits stations.

* Analyze all actual and potential pest problems.

* Order applicable pest control devices, rodenticides, insecticides and herbicides.

* Check all pest control and pest monitor devices.

* Provide programs (existing and new) that will/can be applied in such a manner that will limit/eliminate pest problems.

* Keep all Pest Control records current and maintained in a manner to conform to company, state and federal policies.

* Maintain Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and labels. Post and record any and all applications of pesticides. Keep records current.

* Ensure a safe and clean environment for all stored items.

* Escort regulatory and private inspectors, maintain associate hygienic practices, clean and safe storage/receiving practices and any other application that is listed or implied under the Federal and State rules and regulations as listed in the GMP's (Congressional Good Manufacturing Practices

* Maintain current pesticide certifications/licenses by attending applicable (pest/pesticide) seminars.

* Make recommendations for modifications to procedures or processes impacting their work group or center that will maximize efficiency, productivity, and reduce costs

* Ensure compliance with Delhaize America standards in the areas of accuracy, safety and productivity.

RequirementsBasic Qualifications:

* State pesticide applicator certification is required.

* A valid Driver's License is required.

* Work in a warehouse environment with varying conditions (i.e. cool temperatures, concrete floors, powered industrial trucks)

* Ability to reach, stoop, bend, and lift up to and including 60 lbs.

Preferred Qualification:

* High school education


* Possess good communication, verbal and written skills

* Must demonstrate sound judgment and solid analytical thinking skills.

* Working knowledge of computer applications and network systems

* Ability to maintain accurate records, basic math functions, reading and bookkeeping.

* Ability to be flexible and work varying schedules

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