Market And Sales Intelligence Analyst

JBS USA Greeley, CO
Pilgrim's is currently seeking a Market and Sales Intelligence Analyst at our Corporate Office in Greeley, CO.

The Analyst must be very data oriented and will be responsible for gathering, maintaining, developing, and implementing market intelligence models, processes, routines, and reports. The ultimate goal is to utilize market data to realize both strategic and tactical market opportunities for growth and margin creation, while working with the sales leaders. Strong analytical skills, curiosity, discipline, and a researcher mindset are crucial for this position, as well as the ability to effectively interact with multiple teams and guide them through the opportunity capture process.

Successful Candidate:

A successful candidate must be able to take the initiative, easily understand the business dynamics and see the big picture. Understand the uses of market information to better drive decisions. Be curious, driven and have passion for knowledge. Relate with multiple teams to understand the market movements. Test and verify our knowledge of the market factors and fundamentals. Have strong analytical background so that he can use it to drive decisions in a fact based environment. Translate data into strategy. The Analyst must be able to create and develop new tools to support current routines, and have the strong drive to constantly improve processes and results. Also, the Analyst must be organized to manage long term projects along with routines and short term requests.


* Manage the market information database and multiple data sources.

* Automate processes and develop dashboards and visualization tools.

* Map, develop and monitor the relevant market trends and indicators.

* Perform competitive analysis on all segments of our business.

* Perform demand analysis on all segments of our business: Retail, Food Service, Export, etc.

* Quantify price and mix optimization analysis.

* Develop routines to proactively capture market opportunities with the multiple team members.

* Interact with multiple teams, define priorities and action plans.

* Help our channels and sales to realize and drive strategies.

* Proactively pursue opportunities to grow with our key customers using market intelligence and analytics.

* Run presentations to team members as well as for our customers.

* Make bi-weekly reports and analysis on S&D indicators.

* Produce weekly and monthly reports.

* Monitor Market KPI's

* Develop and track actions based on market intel and go-to-market initiatives

* Track the effectiveness of our actions and make sure we are adding value.

* Provide assistance to multiple teams.


* 4 years of experience in analytical fields that relates with sales and marketing.

* Understanding of strategy, marketing, sales and analytics tools.

* Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

* Researcher mindset.

* Proven track record of extracting simplified recommendations from complex data sets for problem solving.

* Excellent communication and relational skills.

* Ability to understand the decision making process and to communicate and lead multiple teams towards a common goal

* Ability to communicate results to a non-technical audience.

* Drive to find and capture new opportunities for the company

* Proficient in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

* Understanding of reporting tools and concepts.

* Good multitasking.

* Organized, strong planner.


* Food or Agricultural background.

* Experience with database and statistical and new data analytics techniques.

* Working knowledge of VBA.

* Experience using Qlikview and data management tools