Career Development Specialist (001)

Hope Network Grand Rapids, MI
About UsWorkforce Development and Job Skills Training Services are delivered with the belief that through employment, individuals can achieve meaning and identity, and establish their place as a contributing member of their community. The Workforce Development Team serves both job seekers and employers through a variety of services and resources, all focused on developing the employability skills needed in the 21st Century. Individuals experiencing employment challenges are matched with a supportive case manager and participate in work readiness/soft skills training as well as real time paid transitional work and job placement services. Employers receive trained and pre-qualified candidates who are matched to their required skill sets and company culture.Overview

The Career Development Specialist is a key associate at Hope Network whose primary responsibilities include: Serve as an employment case manager for participants referred for career development and job placement. This includes providing employability skills training, career development and supportive services for participants, developing on-going relationships with employers and referral sources. The Career Development Specialist will function within internal and external teams to deliver seamless services to the participant and to ensure that positive relationships are maintained resulting in the optimum employment outcome for participants.



1. Regular and predictable attendance is an essential requirement of this position.

2. Complete new referral eligibility, orientation and intake including administering, scoring and reviewing employability and interest assessments.

3. Maintain accurate metrics as required including timely and thorough completion of all necessary program assignments, progress reports, billing requirements, and other required documentation.

4. Maintain accurate record of services provided to participants using various computer data systems i.e. case noting, data entry, written progress reports.

5. Facilitate employability skills training including but not limited to: employability and personal responsibility and behavior workshops and resume' development.

6. Interview participants seeking new employment and endeavors to identify career objectives suited to their abilities. Develop and update regularly individual strategies for overcoming challenges to employment using the Individual Written Placement Plan (IWWP) or Individual Service Strategies (ISS) with program participants.

7. Provide career development coaching in accordance to program requirements, current labor market and employer demands, and participant's needs including but not limited to: accountability, positive reinforcement, and guidance.8. Assess and determine if participant has completed program requirements and is eligible for Transitional Work, On the Job Training, Classroom Training or Competitive Employment Search Assistance.

9. Provide appropriate support services, including referrals to outside agencies, to assist in ensuring successful job placement.

10. Connect positively with community agencies and employers serving as liaison for participant to ensure appropriate job matches and to promote agency and its mission.

Addendum for Essential Functions if Applicable for multiple departments:

West Central Workforce Development - Program Monitor

Employees in this job function will assist the Career Development Manager in monitoring Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act / Workforce investment Act and Welfare Reform programs. This employee will serve as a technical advisor in monitoring and evaluating program and policies as it relates to program contractual goals. Employee will be responsible for assuring all participant files are accurate and comply with program policies and our contractual obligation.1. Assists the Career Development Manager with all on site monitorings. Will be able to shift to a more frequent basis to accommodate the following: State or MWA monitoring schedules, policy changes or monitoring of new Career Development staff. 2. Verifies all program registrations on MIS and hard copies are accurate and precise. 3. Provides assistance to Career Development Manager in developing effective caseload management techniques to maintain accurate participant files. 4. Serves as a resources for staff for program policies and procedures.5. Develops new procedures for approval from the Career Development Manager in developing new monitoring procedures when needed.6. Accesses training for the provision of excellence in service and contractual compliance. Partners with the Career Development Manager to develop staff training. 7. Works with the Career Development Manager to identify programmatic items to be presented in monthly meeting agenda. 8. Records monthly program meeting notes and posts to L drive.

Work Experience Additions: 1. Preferred a minimum of 5 years' experience within workforce development programs.2. Prefers at least 3 years' experiences working within the Welfare Reform and/or Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act / Workforce Investment Act programs. 3. Certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator.

Work Experience Additions:

1.Preferred a minimum of 5 years' experience within workforce development programs.2.Prefers at least 3 years' experiences working within the Welfare Reform and/or Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act / Workforce Investment Act programs. 3.Certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator.

Kent County Workforce Development - Employement Services Collaborative Program

1. Represents Hope Network within the community in the Employment Services Collaborative, a new United Way funded initiative consisting of a unique eight organization collaboration using the Human Centered Design model. 2. Lead Navigator for Hope Network within the collaboration, working with Navigators from the other collaborating organizations to develop the processes and systems used to best meet the needs of participants, measure outcomes, and gain future funding.3. Responsible for program development in collaboration with outside organizations and agencies involving intensive operational and service development to shape and form how this collaboration will evolve. 4. Serves as the point of contact for WFD's Transitional Work Experience (TWE) worksites. Will be the face of Hope Network WFD with employers (Plant Managers/Supervisors, Human Resource Managers/Recruiters, etc.) within the community; serving participants across Hope Network programs and partner organizations. 5. Develop community resources providing new and updated information to HN WFD Admin Specialist responsible for maintaining the community resource book.

Kent County Workforce Development - Transitional Work Experience (TWE) Coordinator

1. Recruit, screen and present qualified candidates for our TWE Site employers' needs based on job descriptions.2. Conduct phone based pre-screening and review of referred candidates to evaluate their skills, suitability, availability, compensation and understand their job preferences.3. Manage the recruitment process based on changing priorities and employer needs.4. Assist in verifying credentials, checking references, background checks, etc.5. Schedule interviews, debriefing candidates before and after interviews.6. Develop partnerships with employers by setting and keeping achievable commitment dates, understanding employers' product, requirements, and style of operating. Make our employers' vision/mission/goals, ours as well.

Work Experience Additions:1. Proven customer service skills.2. Experience working with diverse populations.


Educational / Talent Requirements:

1. BA/BS in human service or related field from an accredited institution or equivalent employment experience.2. Demonstrate ability to communicate in both verbal and written formats to meet position responsibilities.3. Ability to work with diverse populations and individuals with socioeconomic challenges.4. Demonstrate knowledge of current employment practices and opportunities.5. Proficiency of Microsoft Office Suite including ability to type 40 wpm.

Work Experience Requirements:

1. Preferred minimum 2 years experience in Human Services, Human Resources or Workforce Development.2. Preferred 2 years work experience with ex-offenders and or individuals with socioeconomic disadvantages.3. Experience with data collection and report writing.4. Past experience with managing a case load or assisting multiple clients with barriers to employment.

Work Experience Additions:

1. Experience working with families with socioeconomic challenges2. Experience working in collaboration with other agencies/organizations