Audit Associate

CU*Answers, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI
The individual filling this position will be responsible for the monitoring of transaction activity and employee activity of several credit unions. Periodic tasks are listed within the essential job functions. Attention to detail is vital as is the ability to communicate the findings of the periodic reviews to credit union executives.


* Review daily BSA reports to make suggestions of suspicious behavior and alert client when CTRs should be filed

* Review activity on dormant accounts and verify transactions

* Review daily file maintenance logs and suggest to client that random selections of activity are being verified against physical documents

* Review daily wire transfer logs for activity and verify that all information is being maintained and make recommendations to review when activity appears abnormal

* Review transaction reversals involving cash or check on member accounts

* Review stale dated check with recommendations for action

* Run bi-weekly BSA report for the prior 30 days and search for evidence of structuring. Make recommendations for filing a SAR report

* Review activity on employee accounts and report suspicious activity to Management on a weekly basis.

* Review OFAC report every week and do investigation on any hits

* Prepare Monthly Executive Summary

* Any other tasks assigned by management


* Financial institution experience preferred

* Secondary education is a plus

* Must have the ability to understand regulatory requirements associated with job functions

* Must be highly attentive to detail

* Research skills are required

* Ability to learn and memorize quickly

* History of dependability is required

* Must have good writing skills

* Current working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and Outlook is required

* Ability to communicate with credit union management

* Must be energetic, self-starter, self-motivator and a doer

* Must be comfortable asking questions when uncertain

* Continued education will be required while employed