Qualified Developmental Disability Professional Fulltime Grafton

Catholic Health Initiatives Grafton, ND
Are you looking for a great work environment with an excellent team atmosphere? Join us at CHI Friendship, we offer great pay and a generous benefit package. This position also offers a family friendly flexible schedule. As a Qualified Developmental Disability Professional/Case Manager your role will be to establish supports and develop programs to help people with disabilities achieve their goals and dreams. Facilitate team meetings, track and trend program data. Provide daily oversite to your caseload while continuously building relationships with the people supported and guardians to assure they are receiving the highest in quality services.

I. Key Responsibilities

* Implements the Personal Outcome Measures.

* Coordinates services for people supported.

o Identifies and establishes supports needed to assist each person to achieve his/her goals and dreams.

o Facilitates in the development, implementation and monitoring of individual program plans. This includes appropriate assessments.

o Facilitates interdepartmental team meetings.

o Implements and completes Therap documentation and modules as assigned.

o Ensures staff are trained and competent to implement programmatic strategies.

o Ensures appropriate documentation is maintained for all programmatic strategies. This also includes daily, weekly or monthly review and analysis of all programmatic data as assigned.

o Assists people to maintain their rights, their personal health needs and all other personal outcome measures.

o Advocates with employers, families and other stakeholders to develop needed supports and services for the people we support.

o Maintains benefits and other financial matters for each person on their caseload. This would include Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, burial, etc.

o Completes on-site program coaching and observations weekly to ensure supports are in place for each person.

o Ensures frequent communication with each person on their caseload and family members as requested.

* Coordinates departmental enhancement.

o Solicits new referrals and participates in referral and new admissions processes.

o Implements all state-regulated expectations within the department.

o Participates in the agency on-call system.

* Oversees employment activities.

o Ensures meaningful day support services for each person on their caseload.

A. Bachelor's degree in human services, education or related field.

B. At least two years professional experience working in the field of developmental disabilities.

C. Current valid driver's license.

D. Ability to organize and calculate data/information and maintain records according to standards.

E. Ability to plan, organize and facilitate effective communication through clear speaking and writing.