Administrative Support Professional

 Goodfellow AFB, TX

Saxman One is seeking an experienced Administrative Support professional to support CIWT. Duties may include but are not limited tothe following:

  • Update command directory and maintain an updated activity telephone directory.
  • Prepare, review, and distribute muster reports
  • Process all personnel and higher authority unit awards for approval/disapproval by the awards board.
  • Review personnel awards, proofread for errors, and make corrections and forward Award recommendations to Commanding Officer for review and signature.
  • Process staff military fitness reports, evaluation reports, Letters of Extension and Performance Information Memorandum (PIM) for completeness and forward to reporting senior for signature.
  • Proofread and process all officer and enlisted promotions and advancements; prepare promotion, or selection notifications; and, related acceptance documents, frocking letters and advancement certifications as appropriate.
  • Process all incoming and transferring staff personnel. The contractor shall maintain a tickler file of incoming and outgoing personnel for dissemination at Command Planning Board meetings and update the tickler list as necessary using Naval Orders.