Inmate Services Technician 2018-2

Jefferson County Sheriffs Golden, CO
Purpose Benefits Supplemental Questions

The Inmate Services Technician serves as the first level for the booking intake of arrestees, inmate money and property, and maintains jail records throughout the inmate's incarceration.

Under general supervision, an Inmate Services Technician performs specialized administrative and accounting work for the Detention Services Division of the Sheriff's Office.

Technicians are responsible for calculating an inmate's release date, as well as determining whether an inmate is eligible for release from custody. Other responsibilities include scheduling court appearances, notifications regarding inmate release, analyzing, monitoring and updating the custody status, charges, bonds, and cash account balances for inmates throughout their incarceration, which results in interaction with inmate detainees. The work also includes using multiple computer systems to enter, retrieve information, and provide information to incoming calls from the public and information requests from inmate-detainees.

This position is shift work includes days, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Essential Duties:

Under general supervision, performs specialized work for the Detention Services Division of the Sheriff's Office.

* Employee reviews booking records and custody sheets to determine booking process, completeness and accuracy of documentation then initiates the process for booking detainees into the detention facility.

* Employee also is responsible for, analyzing, monitoring and updating the custody status, charges, bonds, and cash account balances for inmates throughout their incarceration, which results in considerable interaction with inmate detainees.

* Utilizes multiple computer based systems to enter and retrieve information relative to the inmate population.

* Monitor and update all inmate status changes and accounting transactions.

* Verify detainee information and documents before entering into system.

* Confirm the proper paperwork for all transactions are generated.

* Communicate with necessary parties to validate inmate information.

* Schedule and document inmate court appearance.

* Prepare surety or cash bonds for inmate release.

* Process charges to inmate cash account.

* Receive and accurately respond to inmate inquiries.

* Oversee inmate release by reviewing file to determine if stipulations for release are satisfied.

* Release inmate property and funds upon verifying paperwork accuracy and completeness.

* Maintain database information by calculating and verifying inmate release dates.

* Analyze documents and enter into system.

* Add and release charges to inmate file.

* Interact with inmate to verify information, dates and charge

* Convey inmate information by responding to inquiries regarding inmate details.

* Respond to questions regarding inmate sentencing and other situations.

* Schedule and document inmate court appearances.

Employee is subject to the usual hazards of contact with jail inmates. The employee reports to the assigned Detention Inmate Services Booking/Accounting Shift Supervisor.


* High School Diploma or GED

* Minimum of one year relevant experience.

* Relevant experience includes (but is not limited to): cash handling experience, customer service experience and data entry experience

Applicants should have intermediate reading, math, and writing skills. Also, CBI certification and Notary certification within six months of hire.

The position requires shift work including: days, night, weekends, holidays, and overtime.

Additional Information:

Each applicant must be willing to submit to:

* Written Testing

* Oral Interview

* Polygraph Exam

* Background Investigation to include a criminal, driving, and credit history check

* Medical Exam (Job Specific Testing)

* Psychological Exam

Since this position requires experience, it is to your benefit to identify and describe all of your relevant experience.


(Please go back TEN years for employment history, include all jobs. (All applications must be submitted prior to the closing date and time.)

Position required to work overtime. Shift work includes days, nights, weekends, and holidays.


Notifications for this hiring process will be made via e-mail to each eligible candidate. Some e-mail providers (,, and will block e-mails from or If you have one of the mentioned e-mail providers, you may want to consider switching to a different e-mail provider to ensure you receive these important notifications. The e-mail notifications will include:

* Instructions on how to self-schedule your written testing date, time and location.

* Instructions on how to self-schedule your interview date and time.

* All rejection notifications will be sent either by e-mail or a mailed letter.

* The starting salary for this position is $36,685.58. A top salary of $54,215.13 may be achieved based on merit and time in grade pay increases.

* If you do not receive an email confirmation your application has been received from us within a week after the job posting has closed, please check your spam box.