DreamWorks Feature - Production Coordinator

NBC Universal Glendale, AZ

* Assists Production Supervisor and Production Manager in all evolving support needs (i.e. calendar booking, updating schedules and documents, timecard processing, reviews, expense reports, scheduling and planning career development and continued training for production and artists, overtime, weekend work, meals).

* Manages day-to-day Shotgun inputs and extractions.

* Assists Production Supervisor with maintaining quotas, deadlines & inventory, ensuring departmental productivity goals are consistently met.

* Understands all departments and works with the Supervisor and Manager to maintain the department schedules.

* Safeguards procedures to ensure workflow from one department to the next is as seamless as possible.

* Manages the department calendars.

* Knows inventory in the departments (workable / non-workable).

* Performs artist check-ins to determine status of the work in each department.

* Effectively communicates with artists regarding timelines. Directs employees in prioritizing tasks when necessary.

* Coordinates crew meetings.

* Handles requests made by crewmembers, Directors, Department Head, Production Management and Production Supervisor.

* Takes notes during rounds and distributes information to the departments afterwards.

* Provides communications to the crew via email, one-on-one meetings and during crew meetings.

* Stays abreast of issues on the floor and elevates information appropriately to Production Supervisor and Production Manager.

* Able to navigate the intranet and asset browser. Able to pull up shots and models, using Linux, and manages technical issues during rounds and approvals. Learns the necessary computer programs and network directory system.

* Understands the pipeline from the angle of each department.

* May attend production meetings and provides updates.

* Contributes information for department and production evaluations as required.

* Supports studio and production directives.


* Must be willing to work in Glendale, CA.

* Interested candidate must submit a resume/CV through www.nbcunicareers.com to be considered.

Desired Characteristics

* Software requirements: Microsoft Word and Excel, Gmail and knowledge of production tracking databases.

* Knowledge of Linux, Maya, Shotgun, Flix, Photoshop and/or Illustrator is a plus.

* Ability to multitask in a fast-paced production environment.

* Strong written and verbal communication skills.

* 2+ years of previous Feature Animation production experience preferred.

* Bachelor's Degree preferred.

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