Program Director

Robins' Nest Inc. Glassboro, NJ
Responsible for implementing the overall daily operation and management of the Functional Family Therapy/Resource Families program, including oversight of assigned personnel, resources and program components necessary for effective services. The Program Director is an agency leader and is also responsible for demonstrating core values and interpreting the mission of the Agency in all activities.

To qualify for this job you need to have the below minimum requirements and experience:

* Master's degree in a relevant discipline with license preferred.

* Must have strong clinical skills and a minimum of two years' supervisory experience.

* Must have and maintain a valid driver's license, use of an insured vehicle and an acceptable driving record.

To be a success in this position you must become able to do the following essential duties and responsibilities always:

* Functions within agency's policies and procedures as outlined in agency public documents.

* Operates according to program operations manual and ensures same in staff.

* Operates in accordance with the program manual and meets all contractual, regulatory and accreditation standards.

* Meets communication requirements as outlined in job expectation section below.

* Meets supervision requirements as outlined in job expectations section below.

* Meets program oversight requirements as outlined in job expectations section below.

* Meets reporting requirements as outlined in job expectations section below.

* Adheres to meeting requirements as outlined in job expectations sections below.

Job Expectations

Communication Requirements

* Appropriately and timely communicates programmatic or job-related concerns to supervisor and make suggestions for improvement.

* Appropriately and timely communicates performance concerns with staff.

* Conducts self in a professional manner that positively reflects the agency culture.

* Works collaboratively with co-workers and agency staff to effectively communicate and problem solve.

* Communicates information to and from Leadership as appropriate and relevant. Ensure flow of communication occurs appropriately and timely.

* Demonstrates competent written and verbal communication with referral sources and external customers.

* Is attentive and responsive to customer needs in a helpful, supportive and timely manner.

Supervision Requirements

* Provides effective supervision of staff in accordance with established Supervision Protocols on agency public documents.

* Provides case supervision and performance/professional development. This includes oversight of staff productivity and field supervision.

* Address performance issues with staff in a professional and timely manner.

* Ensure staff function in accordance with Program Manual and agency policies and procedures.

* Timely conduct annual employee performance evaluations of staff.

* Uses supervision effectively to explore professional development and training needs.

Program Oversight Requirements

* Meets obligations of the program (contractual, licensing, Medicaid, etc.).

* Follows agency policies and procedures and ensures same in others.

* Conducts random audits of client files and LOS submissions to ensure quality and accuracy of documentation.

* Educates self and staff on issues impacting your program/program population.

* Operates in accordance with program budget.

* Examine, participate and maintain information obtained by the agency's impact studies.

* Plan for and evaluate the performance of service programs and the overall quality of individual client service.s

* Ensure that staff are aware and trained in cultural issues.

* Monitor staff safety issues. Oversee case safety risk assessments making necessary determinations in accordance with agency safety policy and procedures as guided by the Risk Management Committee.

* Facilitate use of CQI data to ensure best practice and further improve program outcomes.

Reporting Requirements

* Completes and submits accurate written reports and documents per established guidelines and ensures the same with staff.

* Ensures quality and accuracy of written and verbal communications.

Meeting Requirements

* Plays an active role in meetings designed to enhance agency and program operations i.e. leadership meeting, PD/Supervisor meetings, budget meetings, etc.

* Actively participate in program staff meetings and quarterly program quality meetings as scheduled.

* Actively participate in mandatory training to staff during staff meetings within established timeframes.

* Meets with supervisor as scheduled. Communicates to the supervisor when needing to reschedule meetings.

* Represents agency/program at external meetings as required or assigned.

* Utilizes strengths/expertise by participating in sub-committees and workgroups or training to further enhance agency programs and operations.

* Plans and participates in meetings/conferences with referral sources when indicated.

Necessary Skills and Abilities

* Must demonstrate initiative, creativity, be dependable, reliable and work well independently.

* Must be able to exercise independent thinking and good judgment under all circumstances.

* Must be able to analyze work, set goals, develop plans and utilize time effectively and efficiently.

* Must regularly be able to see, speak and hear. Frequently required to stand, sit, walk, bend, use hands and arms and must occasionally lift up to 20 pounds.

* Must be sensitive, flexible and responsive to gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, religion, age, sexual orientation or any other special needs as reflected in the ability to communicate with staff and/or clients.

* Assume an active role in agency events.