Wastewater System Operator I/II
City of Galt
 Galt, CA

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Incorporated in 1946, Galt is a growing community with approximately 25,000 residents located approximately 20 miles south of Sacramento along Highway 99. The City is led by five elected council members, the Mayor being appointed.

Galt offers affordable housing with a small town atmosphere, perfect for raising young families as well as a great opportunity for new businesses.

The City is known for its annual Independence Day Celebration with fireworks and the Winter Bird Festival. We also offer the Galt Market, an open air market held every Tuesday and Wednesday offering great deals on fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing, home furnishings and much more.

Sports and Recreation are key to Galt's quality of life. Enhanced by its mild seasonal climate and numerous parks, Galt features a variety of activities for youth and adults such as t-ball, baseball, football, soccer, swimming and swim lessons, karate, exercise classes and many more choices to meet the needs of the community.

The City of Galt is located in the heart of the Delta Recreation Area in Northern, California. Thirty minutes away are the Sierra Foothills and the Sacramento Delta. Reno, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and the CA coast are all within a two hour drive making Galt a recreational haven for boat lovers and outdoorsman alike.


WASTEWATER SYSTEM OPERATOR I (P35) - $3,669.00 - $4,462.00

WASTEWATER SYSTEM OPERATOR II (P40)- $4,152.00 - $5,048.00

Under general supervision of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor or the Utilities Manager, learns, operates and performs routine maintenance on equipment, facilities and related appurtenances as found in a secondary, activated sludge wastewater treatment plant and related collection and disposal facilities; and performs related work as required.

Wastewater System Operator I is the entry and first working level class in this plant operations series. Initially under close supervision, incumbents learn City and operational procedures for wastewater treatment and related equipment and appurtenances. As experience is gained, assignments become more varied and the work is performed more independently. This class is alternately-staffed with Wastewater System Operator II and incumbents may advance after gaining experience, obtaining the required level of certification, meeting the qualifications of and consistently performing work of the higher-level class.

Wastewater System Operator II is the experienced level in this class series. Incumbents are fully competent to independently operate and perform routine preventive maintenance and repair in the treatment plant and associated facilities. This class is distinguished from Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor in that the latter has mid-management responsibility for all treatment operations and maintenance, including staff supervision, facility and operations planning and budgeting, in addition to performing the full range of operational duties.

Example of Duties:

  • Inspects plant operational equipment and facilities on a regularly-scheduled basis; reads and records readings of pumps, chemical feed and other treatment, influent and effluent equipment.
  • Reviews and analyzes operational information and revises equipment settings as appropriate; notifies supervisor of unusual situations and makes inspections or corrects system problems as instructed.
  • Operates and performs maintenance and repair on collection and disposal lines and appurtenances, including lift stations.
  • Operates and performs preventive maintenance on a variety of treatment plant equipment, such as pumps, chlorinators, filters, chemical valves, sludge lagoon, bar screens and agitators.
  • Operates valves, pumps and automated controls to regulate the flow of wastewater through the plant; operates valves to dispose of plant effluent.
  • Removes screenings and grit; cleans clarifiers and primary, secondary and other wastewater equipment and facilities.
  • Lubricates pumps, motors, chains, conveyors and other machinery and equipment; performs preventive maintenance, makes minor repairs to equipment and reports the need for major repairs.
  • Maintains facilities and equipment in a clean and orderly condition; performs routine maintenance, painting of machinery, structures, equipment and piping systems.
  • Collects wastewater, sludge and other samples from various phases of the treatment process; performs basic chemical and physical tests on these samples to ensure that the plant is operating effectively and that regulatory requirements are being met.
  • Performs basic adjustment and troubleshooting for electrical motors and controls.
  • Uses a variety of hand and power tools and testing equipment.
  • Changes recording charts; ensures that chemical feeders have a constant supply of chlorine and other treatment chemicals.
  • Maintains accurate records of gauge and meter readings, chemical test results and work performed.
  • Observes appropriate safety procedures, including those related to the safe handling of chlorine and other treatment chemicals.
  • Attends training and safety sessions as assigned.
  • May perform general public works maintenance work on streets, storm drains and other City infrastructure on a relief or as-needed basis.

Typical Qualifications:

Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience that provides the skill, knowledge and abilities required is qualifying. A typical way to obtain these requirements would be:


Wastewater System Operator I and II: Equivalent to graduation from high school supplemented by training required by the California State Water Resources Control Board.


Wastewater System Operator I: One year of experience in operating and/or maintaining pumps, motors, mechanical systems or related equipment.

Wastewater System Operator II: In addition to the above, two years of experience in operating and performing routine maintenance to facilities and/or equipment in a secondary wastewater treatment plant and related collection systems and pumping stations.

Licenses and Certificates:

Wastewater System Operator I and II: Must possess and maintain a valid California class C driver's license and have a satisfactory driving record.

Wastewater System Operator I: Must obtain a Wastewater Plant Operator-In-Training certificate issued by the State of California within the probationary period and a Grade I Wastewater Plant Operator's certificate within a time frame specified by the City.

Wastewater System Operator II: In addition to the above, must possess or obtain a Grade II Wastewater Plant Operator's certificate prior to appointment to level II of the Wastewater System Operator series. Must obtain certification as a Collection System Maintenance II from the California Water Environmental Association within a time specified by the City.

Supplemental Information:

Working Conditions: May be exposed to inclement weather conditions, fumes, odors, dust and potentially toxic chemicals and conditions. Must be available for regular and emergency standby and weekend assignments and to be called-back and work emergency overtime as required and in accordance with existing Memoranda of Understanding.

Physical Demands: Mobility to work in a standard wastewater treatment plant and laboratory setting, and use specialized test equipment, hand and power tools and instrumentation; stamina to work in confined spaces, around machines, and to climb and descend ladders; strength to lift and carry materials and equipment weighing up to 50 pounds; vision to read printed materials, charts and gauges and a computer screen; and hearing and speech to communicate in person and over the telephone.