Bakery Clerk

United Family of Stores Frisco, TX
Bakery Sales Clerks are first and foremost responsible toour guests, building a reputation for Ultimate Service, with a focus oneducating guests about products and services; and for effective selling andpresentation of products to differentiate the store experience from any othersupermarket.

Key Responsibilities:

* When a guest enters my area or department, myfirst and most important responsibility becomes to acknowledge, greet, andengage that guest

* Exceed our guests' expectation for service andbuild a reputation for ultimate service

* Be attentive at all times to needs of guests andbe ready and able to serve and/or direct guests

* Walk all department displays every 30 minutesand ensure they are clean, well merchandised, signed and have proper lighting

* Ensure packing guidelines are followed

* Ensure that quality products are available forsale and products are rotated

* Demo and sell product as time permits or asinstructed by management

* Follow daily duties and ensure they arecompleted in an accurate and timely manner

* Follow all company policies and procedures

* Accurately write and follow detailedinstructions on special orders to ensure product meets or exceeds the guest'sexpectations

* Assist in break-out and dishwashing as needed

* Practice safe work habits; maintain a high levelof store cleanliness, organization, and a safe work environment

* Assist in training new team members

* Perform any other related duties as requested bymanagement


* Ability to work at fast-paced, but efficient andcontrolled manner

* Ability to perform all physical aspects ofposition, including but not limited to standing, bending, lifting, and walking

* Ability to lift items weighing up to 50 lbs. andpush and pull up to 100 lbs.

* Ability to work within a freezer for up to 15minutes

* Ability to accept supervisory coaching relatedto performance, work habits and attitude

* Must be flexible to work various hours/shifts, includingweekends and holidays

* Attend meetings and training sessions whencalled upon

* Must maintain a current food safetycertification

* Ability to function as a team member and getalong with others

This job description is intended to provide ahigh-level of general requirements for this position. It is not a completestatement of duties, responsibilities or requirements. Other duties not listedhere may be assigned as necessary to ensure proper operations.


Ultimate Service Superior Performance Positive Impact

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