IT Instructor
 Fremont, CA
The Instructor - Externship Coordinator balances the role of an instructor and the role of an externship coordinator. As a member of the Faculty, this role is responsible for teaching in a discipline area in which an Instructor has specific training and competence. The instructor is expected to plan, organize, and teach in a manner that encourages a student-centered learning environment in harmony with the school’s mission and values. This role promotes and directs successful student learning in keeping with the learning-centered values and goals of the school.  This role supports the academic department in maintaining a successful, efficient, ethical curriculum.

The Externship Coordinator assists students in meeting their academic and career goals by serving as the initial point of contact for students scheduled for an externship course. This role is responsible for coordinating externship activities such as student orientation, scheduling, and networking with local site partners to establish relationships and build rapport; partners with Career Services to maintain externship sites, maintain contact with employers and prepare students to make the exciting transition from the classroom to the final externship course.


  • Demonstrate a thorough and accurate knowledge of their field or discipline; display an ability to interpret and evaluate the theories of their field or discipline; connect their subject matter with related fields.

  • Stay current in their subject matter through professional development, through involvement in professional organizations, and attending professional meetings, conference or workshops.

  • Learn and use technology to enhance teaching and the educational experience when appropriate; employ appropriate teaching and learning strategies to communicate subject matter to students.

  • Plan and organize instruction in ways that maximize student learning.

  • Modify, where appropriate, instructional methods and strategies to meet diverse student’s needs; engage in planning of lessons using the approved Unitek College Lesson Planning Process.

  • Encourage the development of communication skills and higher order thinking skills through appropriate assignments.

  • Contribute to the selection and development of instructional materials in accordance with course objectives; establish and follow Bloom’s-specific learning objectives.

  • Develop and explain methods that fairly measure student progress toward course objectives; evaluate student performance fairly and consistently and return student work promptly to promote maximum learning.

  • Maintain accurate records of student progress and submit final grade rosters to the registrar each module according to established deadlines; maintain student records of attendance; skills check-off forms and assist with program data collection.

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to student needs and circumstances; coordinate and balance the needs of a diverse student population and faculty.

  • Maintain confidentiality of student information; work with the Program Director to resolve student concern.

  • Attend faculty meetings as required.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Program Director.


  • Supervise externship training in compliance with accreditation, Department of Education Department rules and regulations, company policy, and all related regulations.

  • Maintain contact with local employers to obtain information on externship opportunities, to develop and enhance working relationships, and to facilitate student placement.

  • Track extern attendance and ensure that all extern assignments are completed as programmatically determined according to regulatory requirements.

  • Maintain a schedule of student site visit(s) in accordance with programmatic and accreditation guidelines.

  • Provide orientation for the on-site supervisors and students.

  • Provide oversight of the externship experience, including on-site assessment of student experiences and the quality of learning opportunities.

  • Partner with Career Services to support to identify externship sites that will lead to employment.

  • Travel to externship sites to review appropriateness of location for learning.

  • Partner with the Career Services department to match students to appropriate externship sites that meet the needs of both the site and the student.

  • Report regular progress of students and quality of supervision and education to Program Director.

  • Provide written evaluation of employer and student satisfaction during the course of the externship for student files.

  • Work with the Program Director to resolve student concerns.

  • Demonstrate or be willing to acquire skills for utilizing online resources to enhance externship course management.

  • Submit required externship related reports and forms to the Program Director and or Career Services Department personnel in a timely manner.

  • Maintain student records of attendance; skills check-off forms and assist with course data collection.

  • Actively engage in retention activities including documented communication with students.

  • Manage special projects assigned by the Program Director including but not limited to career fairs to create enthusiasm and encouragement to students.

  • Maintain professional relationship with colleagues, students and the community.

  • Adhere to and publicly support Unitek College policies and procedures.

  • Ability to adapt, direct and multi-task. Demonstrates exemplary skills and organizational proficiency.

  • Other duties as assigned by Program Director.

Performance is based on the ability to meet expectations in the following areas:

  • Teaching and Instruction; team player

  • Service to students

  • Service to the program and the institution

  • Professional development

  • Demonstrate job knowledge

  • Achieve satisfactory student evaluation scores

  • Demonstrate organization and planning

  • Show initiative/dependability/reliability

Externship Course Management: Travel between campus and externship sites is required. PC workstation using Microsoft Windows environment; telephone, copy machine and other general office equipment. Teaching aids including LCD, overhead projector, TV/VCR.

Education and Experience

  • Three (3) years of demonstrable experience in Computer Technology Integration, Computer Science, Information Technology or related field; Associate’s Degree preferred;

  • Industry certifications such as CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Microsoft preferred;

  • Documented expertise in academic subject area;

  • Ability to mentor a highly diverse student population;

  • Ability to work independently;

  • Proficient in interpersonal oral presentation; excellent communication skills.

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