Part Time Automotive/Small Engine Technician

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Fort Worth, TX
Reports to: Automotive/Plant Services Supervisor

Classification: Part-time

Standard of Christian Commitment:

The divine mission of the Seminary mandates that all personnel must demonstrate a commitment to the purposes of the Seminary. Every staff person shall be an active faithful member of a local church of believers in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is expected that conduct becoming a follower of Jesus will be portrayed in the community.

Position Summary

Responsible for maintenance of the Seminary vehicle fleet, heavy equipment, and small engines, including preventive maintenance. This position requires mechanic industry experience.

Primary Responsibilities

* Provides maintenance for all Seminary vehicles and equipment, including preventive maintenance.

* If assigned, ensures that small engine driven equipment is maintained properly.

* Ensures vehicle cleanliness and appearance is properly maintained.

* May perform welding as it relates to vehicle or equipment repairs.

* Performs work in an outdoor environment, such as digging, fence repair, clothesline repair, and loose material pick-up.

* Performs work in an outdoor environment, such as ditching, laying pipe, or laying cables.

* If qualified, may operate heavy equipment such as dump truck, backhoe, forklift, and box blade.

* Assists in loading/unloading trucks.

* Sees that work area is kept clean and neat.

* Seeks to learn and improve proper techniques and skills.

* If assigned, instructs co-workers on proper techniques and skills to be followed.

* Special assignments as given by Automotive/Plant Services Supervisor or Seminary Administration.

Job Requirements/Qualifications

Must be familiar with common hand tools used in the automotive trade, and possess advanced automotive techniques. A natural curiosity, great problem solving skills, good mechanical aptitude, a willingness to get dirty are also important. Must have good communication skills and be able to relate well to people.

Computer Skills required

Familiarity with a Personal Computer is required.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to carry up to 40 pounds of parts and equipment. Must be able to perform occasional overhead reaching, bending, and maneuvering under cars.Must be able to climb ladders.

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