AH-64D/E Instructor Pilot
 Fort Rucker, AL


Job Title: AH-64D/E Instructor Pilot

Job Code: AS20201302-41195

Job Location: Fort Rucker, AL

Essential Functions:

The AH-64D/E Instructor Pilot instructs and evaluates performance and competence and serves as mentor/trainer/ professional developer to students. Training is conducted in accordance with the Army Aircrew Training Manual and applicable training requirements. IPs conduct preflight and in-flight briefings and post flight debriefings and after action reviews (AAR) to ensure student pilots have a thorough understanding and comprehension of the training materials. Advanced flight instruction training consists of basic and advanced flight tasks and maneuvers, instrument training, terrain flight techniques, advanced navigation and navigational systems, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), and end of stage check rides. The IP provides academic and classroom instruction on aircraft systems, training maneuvers, procedures, and other flight related subjects.


AH64D/E Instructor Pilot Experience Requirements:

  • U.S. Army-qualified IP in the AH64D/E. Shall have aircraft experience at company-level, or higher, as an IP.
  • Five plus years as an aviator with last AH64D/E flight within the previous 12-months (Currency/refresher/qualification training may be provided on as needed basis).
  • Minimum applicable aircraft experience: 1,000 total hours and 250 IP hours.

Educational Requirements:

  • Graduate of the US Army AH-64D/E Instructor Pilot/Methods of Instruction Course.