Behavioral Health Technician

 Fort Meade, MD

Cape Fox Facilities Services (CFFS) is seeking a highly skilledBehavioral Health Technician (BHT)to support a critical DoD program. Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Conduct or assist in treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Perform initial basic assessment procedures including standardized psychological testing, clinical interviewing, mental status examinations, substance abuse evaluations, and psychological and nursing assessment.
  • Identify mental health and nursing diagnoses, and provide patient education.
  • Observe, monitor, record, and report patient's progress.
  • Conduct or assist in conducting group and individual counseling, therapeutic community, and other related milieu activities.
  • Institute precautionary measures to prevent patient injury or suicide.
  • Assist patients with nutritional, hygiene, and comfort measures.
  • Obtain and record vital signs.
  • Coordinate with other agencies regarding specified care, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and administrative functions.
  • Contact military and community agencies to obtain collateral information
  • Explain and interpret mental health services to patients or others.
  • Assist in, or arrange patient referral to public, private, and military community agencies.
  • Prepare and maintain records and reports pertaining to specialty services.
  • Assist with care of individuals experiencing acute and post-traumatic stress reactions.
  • Prepare and maintain treatment records.
  • Effectively communicate with individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds, including enlisted personnel, officers, senior military and civilian leadership, spouses and other family members.