Planning and Design Manager

AutoNation, Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL
Company Overview

Position Summary:

Lead architecture and engineering consultants to produce schematic designs, construction documents and presentations that meet internal and external commitments and requirements. Review and provide feedback on initial schematic design packages for consistency with AN and OEM standards/facility requirements. Directly involved with conceptual design, furniture, and graphics, with a heavy emphasis on producing design briefs and presentations for circulation among AN management and OEM representatives. Responsible for ensuring OEM reference materials contain correct and up-to-date information regarding design standards, facility requirements, and OEM-specific vendors. Actively participates with CRES design and development teams on all aspects of projects.

Organizational Relationships:

CRES members, A&E teams, inter-company departments (Operations, Customer Care, M&A, Marketing, etc.), external vendors.

Job Responsibilities:

Prepare design briefs and presentations for internal use as well as for communications with region management, vendors, and OEM representatives. Hands on production of schematic design/construction packages for approval by CRES, Corporate Management and OEM Representatives. Ensures OEM image requirements and vendor lists are accurate and include the most recent information available regarding standards and incentive programs.


Bachelor degree in architecture or related field, 5 years minimum practical design experience. Strong understanding of design and construction processes with emphasis on pre-development activities. Strong verbal, written, and graphic communication skills. Proficient with word processing and spreadsheet programs, as well as, AutoCAD, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator or In-design, and Sketch-up. Automotive design experience at corporate level with manufacturer or dealer/owner would be a preferred qualification but not mandatory along with retail design experience.

Next Possible Position:

CRES Program Manager

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