Construction Manager

nika solutions Fort Knox, KY
NIKA is hiring for an experienced Construction Manager to partner with the project management team at Fort Knox, KY providing construction management oversight and technical support.

Job Responsibilities:

* Provides medical / research lab constructability management advice and technical support, and monitors the quality of work performed on the project; to help ensure that HFPA provides the Medical Command with a facility that adheres to the construction contract and the various applicable standards.

* Provides guidance and assistance to the end user (facility staff) during the construction, transition, and turnover of the project.

* Reviews and provides comments to government personnel on building specifications, operational and function systems, contractor submittals and schedules, and other project related documentation and plans.

* Provides technical advice on medical / research lab unique systems, applications, and functions.

* Identifies and tracks construction specific issues, ensuring they are coordinated and resolved.

* Assists government to develop, coordinate, and process project related engineering change proposals (ECPs) through the Project Manager or Program Manager to ensure valid User requirements are integrated into the projects final end state.

* If a single on site representative, provides guidance, consulting support, and necessary coordination to receive, and install all of the required initial outfitting (IO) equipment and furnishings.

* Aids in the development of the IO budget.

* If contractor is a single on site representative, provides transition guidance and consulting support for the planning, movement, and transition of operations required by the project.

* Aids HFPA PgM/PM in the development of the transition plan and tracking its execution.

* If contractor is a single on site representative for HFPA, coordinates with appropriate organizational/government representatives on initial outfitting and transition requirements, and ensures all requirements are documented, tracked, and funded.

* In conjunction with the Corps of Engineers representatives, participates in commissioning procedures and coordinates with the MTF/ medical research facility and required subject matter experts ensure their involvement in those procedures.

* In cooperation with the Corps of Engineers representatives, participates in Red Zone meetings and the building acceptance process, including punch out inspections. Coordinates with the end user (facility staff) and USACE to ensure the required O&M training is conducted, O&M manuals, warranties, accurate As-Built drawings, etc are provided in a timely manner.

* Aids in the coordination and conduct of project inspections, tests, verification's, and certifications; ensuring the facility specifications and overall aesthetics are met.

* Participates in project related meetings and teleconferences, and coordinates actions as required by HFPA PgM/PM.

* Provides recurring project related reports and documentation, as required.

* Coordinate for and conduct on-site tours as required with the approval of the PgM or designated government representative.

Job Skills/Requirements:

* Bachelors Degree or higher education required

* 1-5 years of related experience

* Requires technical knowledge and applicability of laws, regulations, policies, methods and procedures affecting Army health facility / medical research construction.

* Position requires knowledge of general principles of design and construction processes and procedures, such as sequencing of construction trades, Request for Information (RFI) processing, submittal reviews, quality assurance, commissioning and facility punch out, and project management; medical-functional OR research-function and medical OR research building system components and their interrelationships; applicable government, industry, and accreditation standards and criteria (including space planning, life safety, antiterrorism, indoor air quality, patient privacy, sustainability, and others related to healthcare facilities); DoD and Army policies and procedures, including contracting functions, and risk management; organizations relevant to health facility operations and construction; computer programs and tools that speed and improve project execution; and data and documentation use and management, to include drawings, specifications, schedules, and estimates.

* Must have working knowledge of the following Microsoft Office programs: Project, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, and Outlook.

* An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.