Engineering Technician III

Advance Energy Fort Collins, CO
About Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (NYSE: AEIS), headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, enables design breakthroughs and drives growth for leading semiconductor and industrial customers. Our precision power and control technologies, along with our applications know-how, inspire close partnerships and innovation in thin-film and industrial manufacturing. We are proud of our rich heritage, award-winning technologies, and we value the talents and contributions of all Advanced Energy's employees worldwide.


Advanced Energy is currently hiring an Engineering Technician to support engineering activities such as design, test, verification, modification, fabrication and assembly of prototype electro mechanical systems, experimental design circuitry or specialized test equipment.


Demonstrated ability to independently work from electrical schematics, diagrams, written and verbal descriptions, layouts or defined plans to perform testing, checkout, and trouble-shooting functions.

Assemble and test electrical components. This includes mechanical setup of housings, chassis, etc.

Work safely with high voltage components in excess of 100V with large energy storage.

Demonstrated history of assembling electrical components – PCBA’s, capacitors, FETs, diodes, surface mount, through-hole parts, inductors, etc. Includes mechanical aspects of large high-power devices.

Operate electrical test equipment to analyze electrical circuits, troubleshoot and measure V, I, impedance, frequency response, etc. Demonstrated history of operation of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, LCR meters in a R&D, non-production-test environment.

Knowledge of analog circuits. Function of capacitors, resistors, LRC circuits.

Performs operational test and fault isolation on systems and equipment. Assists in determining methods or actions to remedy malfunctions. Find failed or damaged components within PCBA’s, trace signals to determine electrical circuit issues.

Demonstrated ability to write programming scripts to control test equipment, sensors and electrical equipment. Prefer Python and Matlab.

Past experience in plasma vacuum processing equipment a plus, but not required.

Support engineering in writing ECO’s, organizing BOM’s, work orders. Understanding of assembly processeses. - Occasional documentation of build procedures and tests of electrical components.

Document tests, take data, analyze data to determine next actions.

Work with electrical component vendors, acquire parts, understanding of PCBA assembly


Must have strong electro-mechanical problem-solving attributes. Able to operate a variety of electrical test instrumentation.

Strong skills in operation of electrical test equipment – oscilloscopes, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, volt meters.

Manual soldering skills includes fine pitch components.

Programming/scripting languages such as Python, Matlab, MathCad

Good verbal skills to understand instructions, report results


Greater than 5 years of relavent design/development team and/or manufacturing support.



Two-year or trade school education of electrical assembly, electrical circuits, electrical technician training.


Associates Degree in a relevant Engineering discipline.


Engineering Technicians regularly work in lab and/or manufacturing/service facilities.