Logistics Management Manager - Special Operations Forces - Clearance Required

Lockheed Martin Fort Benning, GA
Description: LNO will provide site supervision and act as a single-point logistical and command control for all personnel employed by this contract. Subordinate site leads may be established specific to high density contractors associated with a specific element of support (such as RIF Support). The LNO will provide direct support to the RS35 section to assist the Government with the coordination of planned training requirements, including land management and land use agreements or MOAs, interacting and coordinating with Combat Training Centers (CTCs) for scheduling of training rotations as well as conventional brigades to coordinate CTC rotations. In addition, the LNO will support the 75th RR by assisting the government with program management and coordination, documentation preparation and socialization, data collection and reporting, technology evaluation and documentation, and technical analysis and documentation. The LNO will also act as a supervisor for the contracted personnel. The LNO is anticipated to be the approximate equivalent of a Grade 12 Government employee. Typical work hours are anticipated to be 0800 to 1700, Monday - Friday. This support is required at FBGA, but must be willing and able to travel to CONUS and OCONUS training locations for planning and coordination purposes and to attend meetings at short notice (30%). The contractor must possess or be eligible to receive a valid passport. This position is non-deployable to combat zones. While this position will normally consist of sedentary duties, limited field conditions may exist for short periods of time while observing training, conducting site visits, during Pre-Deployment Site Surveys, leader validation walk through events, and similar activities.

Supervision of Personnel: As overall contractor site lead, provide oversight, approval and management of contractor time and attendance management on behalf of the Contractor. Perform supervisory functions for all contractor personnel. These functions may include but are not limited to:

* Assisting personnel with troubleshooting/issues that are more complex in nature

* Coordination of travel

* Coordination of training and maintaining training records

* Approval of time cards, scheduling/approving leave requests and managing comp time

* Participation in interviews and hiring actions for contracted personnel, ensuring objectives are achieved, and minimal time elapses in unfilled positions.

* Counsel contracted personnel as required.

Coordination of Communications:

* Clearly communicate guidance and direction with regards to purposes, principles, and projects from the 75th RR to the contracted personnel at each individual work site.

* Maintain communication with contracted personnel in order to ensure consistency across all supported sites/BNs.

* Through regular interaction with site personnel, maintain an up-to-date knowledge of site activities, issues, special projects, etc.

* Coordinate all logistical requirements between the supported BNs and the 75th RR. Assist the government with providing consistent direction and collecting regular feedback to, from and between all supported units.

Desired Skills: -Exhibit proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (beyond Word and Excel). May be required to utilize Visio, Publisher, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and other applications in the performance of duties.

* Be able to work independently, with little or no supervision.

* Have skills, training, and professional experience sufficient to be considered the approximate equivalent of a General Schedule (GS) Grade 12 Government employee.

* Have supervisory experience.

* Be familiar with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and the Defense Acquisition Regulation System.

* Possess exceptional oral communication skills with the ability to brief statistical data and status updates to an audience of Army senior leaders at the grade of Colonel and below.

* Be familiar with 75RR tactical SOPs including the conduct of Multi-Lateral Training events, Bilateral Training Events, Rotary Wing Operations, Airborne Operations, Task Force Training and Validation exercises.

* Be highly familiar with the individual and collective training requirements associated with Mission Essential Task List and Critical Collective Task training at the individual through battalion level for an Airborne Ranger/Infantry centric organization.

* Have extensive experience with conducting detailed military planning in conjunction with unit level staff leadership in support of reoccurring critical training events which meet the commander's training priorities.

* Be capable of organizing, coordinating and tracking numerous training support requirements and coordination required to support planning and execution of highly complex training events in ever changing conditions and environments.

* Be capable of foot movement of up to three (3) miles over varying terrain in a two (2) hour period with typical protective gear consisting of body armor, combat helmet, gloves, eye protection small pack with sustainment items, with limited travel under night conditions with night vision goggles.

* TS/SCI Clearance


* Possess excellent work ethic, verbal and written communication skills, and be detailed and accurate in performing all functions.

* Be familiar with AR 25-50 and be able to write correspondence in a military format, when necessary.

* Be able to operate a standalone computer without assistance and be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications.

* Possess a valid, unencumbered state driver's license.

* Maintain files in accordance with applicable Army, Navy, and Department of Defense (DoD) regulations.

* Final Secret Clearance

Lockheed Martin is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

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