710 Quality Control Inspector
 Fort Belvoir, VA

Requisition Number: 710QU01315

Primary Duties:

The QCI position reports directly to the Quality Control Manager (QCM), whom in turn reports directly to the Corporate Quality department and is separate from all other PCSI departments.

Under the direction of the site-specific QCM, this position is responsible for performing quality control inspections and audits based upon site-specific, corporate, legal and statutory processes, procedures, documentation and contractual requirements to ensure that PCSI processes are consistent and of the highest quality.

In the absence of a QCM, the QCI has additional oversight and reporting responsibilities.

The QCI will be instrumental in the collection of information related to performing root cause analysis resulting from non-conformances identified during inspections/audits etc.

The QCI assists the QCM or PM in maintaining and fulfilling site-specific quality control and, where applicable or as directed by the contract or operations management, environmental and/or safety standards to ensure conformance with contract specifications and any requirements deemed necessary by Corporate.

In the absence or in support of a QCM, this can include promoting the awareness, understanding and use of the Quality Management System (QMS) to all employees at the site to ensure total customer satisfaction and deliverance of the highest quality services that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations.

Follow the site-developed Quality Control Plan (QCP) in carrying out duties and responsibilities to ensure contract requirements are being fulfilled, as directed by the site QCM

Conduct and document process and system inspections and/or audits using written procedures as audit standards.

Perform In-Process inspections on work being conducted to ensure processes are being followed

Perform Re-work inspections to validate corrections to non-conformances have been rectified.

Perform Contract Deliverable Requirements List (CDRL) inspection in accordance with the contract

Perform Administrative inspections in accordance with the contract

Under the direction of the QCM, perform contract specific Safety inspections

Under the direction of the QCM, assist with configuration control of all quality relate documents to include Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), work instructions and forms.

Provide additional support, as directed by the QCM, while ensuring all of the responsibilities listed within this job description are fulfilled as outlined. This may include duties outside what may be seen as typical for this type of a role. Situations may be limited that may question objectivity, such as those in which the QCI would end up assessing his or her own work.

Report any instances of non-compliance with contractual or statutory/regulatory compliance issues to the QCM and/or PM, and work to resolve issues expeditiously. When it is believed the issue is either not being addressed or is not being resolved effectively by the QCM/PM, Corporate quality management is to be notified.

Experience: 5.1 High school graduate and some college experience desired, ISO Auditor Training preferred. Be able to obtain and maintain CHEST Certification. Two years of experience as trainer or supervisor. Experience working in Environmental Services

Experience in an environment that includes workers with disabilities preferred. Government contract experience preferred

Physical Demands: Some stooping and crawling to perform inspections under carts, behind cabinets, etc. Ascending/descending stairs required. Ability to operate company provided vehicle. Finger dexterity is required to operate a computer keyboard and iPad. Must have the hand/eye coordination necessary to operate office business machines (calculator, phone, fax, copier, IPad etc.) and a personal computer. Hearing and speech sufficient to verbally communicate in person and on the telephone. Mobility to frequently alternate between sitting, standing and moving about the facilities.

Working Conditions: Exposure to dirt, dust, odors, chemicals and infectious diseases. May be required to work in aseptic areas.

9.3 Must be able to work flexible hours when needed. All QCIs have the right to and are expected to report potential compliance issues without fear of retribution or retaliation for good faith reporting to Corporate Quality. Any individual who engages in retaliation will be disciplined. While additional non-quality and safety (when safety is included in the position for that site) duties may be assigned to the QCI by operations, these duties are only to be accomplished once all quality/safety activities have been successfully and satisfactorily completed. These additional duties cannot put the QCI in a position where he or she would then have to audit or inspect his or her own work. Possess valid driver’s license and maintain clean driving record. Ability to pass criminal and financial background checks to obtain access to work locations.