Chemical/Biological (C/B) Instructor Technician
K2 Group, Inc.
 Fort Belvoir, VA

C/B Instructor Technician personnel serve as SMEs on the TTPs, SOPs, and POIs of the TSGs and communicate and train both military and civilian personnel on these plans and procedures. The individual shall serve as an expert in the use of the C/B TSG search equipment, analytical equipment, communications systems, C/B surveillance equipment, and other mission-essential gear. The individual is required to operate specialized equipment on land, sea, and air either during contingency operations, training, and/or exercises. The C/B Instructor Technicians provide training to military and/or civilian personnel on the setup and operation of C/B search gear and communications equipment and directly support search operations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Become an SME on all TSG C/B TTPs, SOPs, and POIs and be able to communicate these plans and procedures to the TSG Team within 90 days of award of this contract.
  • Become an SME on all C/B TSG search gear and communications equipment and provide training to military and/or civilian personnel on the setup and operation of this TSG search gear and communications equipment
  • Update C/B TTPs, SOPs, and POIs, as required.
  • Maintain proficiency on all C/B mission-essential equipment.
  • Serve as a SME on all C/B TSG search equipment.
  • Support military and/or civilian personnel during WMD search operations, up to and including tactical actions during the conduct of real-world operations.
  • Must be able to travel on very short notice and to work non-standard hours.

Required Skills/Qualifications:

  • Experience as a hazardous materials (HAZMAT) Technician.
  • Military instructor experience. No less than 2 years’ experience as an instructor at a training command or in an operational unit’s training department, to include development and delivery of training curriculum.
  • Experienced in air operations.
  • Have a fundamental understanding of small boat operations to include small boat, coxswain qualified, or civilian equivalent.
  • Experienced with practical application of CBRN-related skills, to include operating in contaminated environment and employment of CBRN PPE.
  • Physically capable of working extended periods in SCBA and fully-encapsulating Personal Protective Equipment for up to eight (8) hours or more per day.
  • Contractor operator shall have recent experience in C-WMD and/or CBRN operations in support of SOF-related contingencies. Experience with Crisis Response Forces or Special Mission Units (desired).
  • Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course or service equivalent.
  • Knowledge of Gas-Chromatograph Mass Spectroscopy, Photoionization detectors, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry, RAMAN Spectrometry, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and sample collection and management. Experience in the use of these technologies in a real-world operational or training environment is highly desired.
  • Knowledge and experience in principles of Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation of chemical and biological sensors, detectors, and field confirmatory equipment (desired).

Additional Requirements:

  • All personnel shall be physically and mentally qualified for deployment and performance of duties, to include tactical operations in austere, hostile environments.
  • Annually, all TSG members must complete an Army Physical Fitness Test and score 270 or above for each individual’s specific age group, complete 10 pull-ups, and pass a Combat Water Survival Test (CWST).

Required Clearance:

  • A Top Secret Clearance with current SCI eligibility