Compliance Officer

North Country HealthCare Flagstaff, AZ
This is a part-time salaried position at twenty hours per week.


The Compliance Officer will report to the CEO, but when necessary will have direct access to the Board of Directors to report and make recommendations to the Board about regulatory compliance issues. This position coordinates planning, implementation, and maintenance of the corporate compliance program. The position also oversees activities related to the implementation and adherence to NCHC\'s policies and procedures covering privacy and access to health information in compliance with federal and state law. Oversees NCHC's risk management program to reduce errors in healthcare processes, improve health outcomes, and increase patient safety.


* Reviews and revises the NCHC corporate compliance plan as needed.

* Studies existing and new legislation, anticipated future legislation, and informs NCHC leadership of pending regulatory changes.

* Participates in trainings related to compliance activities.

* Oversees, develops and provides compliance training and serves as a resource for all employees.

* Collaborates with other departments and NCHC leadership to perform internal compliance audits or monitoring activates, and investigates and resolves compliance issues.

* Consults with attorneys and other resources as needed to resolve difficult legal compliance issues.

* Ensures proper reporting of violations or potential violations to duly authorized enforcement agencies as appropriate and/or required.

* Coordinates policy and procedure development and implementation for all departments.

* Facilitates and assists with FTCA compliance, including completion of the FTCA redeeming application annually.

* Coordinates and assists with the state licensure process.

* Plans and contributes to development of risk management systems. Monitors, investigates, and reports patient adverse events, malpractice claims, incident reports and any indicators of potential harm identified.

* Gathers risk related data from internal and external sources, identifies and analyzes areas of potential risk, and informs NCHC leadership on how to manage and control key risks.

* Reviews current literature or other resources for risk management and control.

* Assists in development of tracking and reporting processes for medical record documentation, tracking of referrals and assessment of clinical outcomes.

* Responsible for management and processing of all claims activities. Serves as the point person for communication with North Country attorneys and the federal Office of General Counsel.

* Responsible for management and processing of all subpoenas. Educates staff and serves as a resource when cases for custody, disability, and so forth arise.

* Functions as the chair of the Compliance, Risk, and Privacy Committee.

* Participates in the Continuous Quality Improvement Committee for NCHC and the Governing Board.

* Regular and predictable attendance.

* Continuous learning in both personal and professional development.

* Consistent review, comprehension and reply of company email and related correspondence.


* Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university in nursing, health care administration, or closely related field.

* CHCC (Certified Health Care Compliance), CCEP (Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional), or equivalent required.


* Community Health Center experience.

* Master's Degree in nursing, health care administration or closely related field.

* Senior management experience.


* $40,000.00/YR to $55,000.00/YR DOE.