Discipline Investigation 纪检监察
Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd.
 Fairland, MD

Objective of job (abbreviated)

1、Under the leadership of BAIC Discipline Inspection Commission(DIC) and BMBS Party Committee, implement the requirement of the higher Commission, and promote the construction of integrity culture.

2、According to the requirement of Discipline Inspection Commission(DIC), assist the Secretary of DIC to discipline inspection and supervision work。

3、Work with Compliance department, Legal department, Purchasing department, Financial Controlling department to jointly promote the company compliance management.

4、Conducting WBS case investigation under the authority of the Compliance Committee.

5、Promote the implementation of characteristic integrity culture project.

Task description

Main tasks

According to requirement of the higher Discipline Inspection Commission and the company Party Committee, develop discipline inspection work plan and promote routine work:

  • Making annual work plan;
  • Annual Discipline Inspection work summary, docking with higher Inspection Commission about meeting and other work;
  • According to the requirement of higher Inspection Commission, improve and optimize the discipline inspection work system and process .

Carry out the anti-corruption education work of Party members and work:

  • According to the unified arrangement of the Party committee, promote the work of Party conduct and honest government;
  • Organize series of work of Star Elite Party Lecture, focus on guiding thought of Party members and educating work;
  • Do well in propaganda work of Clean and Honest Party.

Promote the implementation of characteristic integrity culture project.

  • Prepare detailed annual work plan and refine plan to month;
  • Coordinate all departments to implement the planned projects;
  • Project implementation presentation;

Assist the Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission to establish the joint working system and process with Compliance department:

  • Share tip-offs channels and information with the Compliance department;
  • Work with Compliance department to carry out anti-corruption training, public training courses and so on;
  • Under the authority of the compliance committee, participate in the information collection and investigation of designated cases by WBS and keep it strictly confidential.

Under the unified arrangement of the Party committee, support related work and activities organized by Party committees, trade unions and Youth League committees.


Basic ability, feature

1) Members of Chinese Communist Party,Party standing of five years or more,No Party criticism or disciplinary records.

2) Have strong political quality, resolutely uphold and implement policies of the party and state.

3) Loyal to the party, strictly abide by the party's organizational and confidentiality discipline

Process and technical

1) Correctly understand and implement the Central Discipline Inspection Commission policy and regulations and maintain close ties with the higher commission. Accurately grasp the characteristics of the Discipline Inspection Work.

2) Be able to assist the Secretary of DIC to complete discipline inspection work or independent, including but not limited to case inspection、construction of party conduct and honest government、Purchasing Committee work and so on.

3) Strong analytical and logical thinking ability, independently carry out WBS case.

Experience and Education

1) Bachelor degree or above.

2) Familiar with the relevant policies and regulations of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the CPC Central Committee.

3) Applicants with law, finance, purchasing, discipline inspection, compliance and internal control are preferred.

Ability of Management and Leadership

1) Strong organizational planning ability, be able to implement discipline inspection work independently.

2) Strong communication and coordination skills in English (or German);.

3) Good at analysis and result oriented.