Construction %26 CI Implementation Project
Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd.
 Fairland, MD

Objective of job (abbreviated)- Base on BMBS Retail Network Planning, responsible for MB and all sub-brands outlets design and construction with 100% consistency of MB CI standards and quality aspirations, be responsible for same for pilot projects on need basis

- Be responsible for annual ND target achievement based on work scope allocation

- Coordination with regional DM and dealer, facilitating all key stakeholders, including but not limited to Design company, PM consultancy, dealer, region, ND digital team, ND Audit team, CI suppliers, etc. across the entire construction process.

- Closely collaborate with architect team and design company for draft drawing evaluation and feedback to dealer, ensuring smooth architectural design approval

- Be responsible for facility readiness and triggering outlet POCC process, to ensure smooth POCC process implementation.

- Guiding and monitoring dealership architectural CI standards and quality.

- Conduct on-site inspections on needed basis, to ensure timeliness and quality standard, actively identify risky/critical situations and lead relevant problem solving process

- Assume full responsibility for project monitoring and quality control on desk checking basis, exercise same level of caution and dedication as on-site activities

- Leverage own architectural knowledge and experiences, exercise benchmark study and problem solving to develop solutions for effective local adaptations for MAR2020 formats and contribute to lessons learnt implementation

- Be responsible for Cost of Franchise consolidation and analysis of all onhand projects, and continuously devoted to Cost of Franchise optimization and reduction, including dealer overall investment and running costs

Main tasks

1.Main work of project management

- Dealership concept design drawing inspection and facility approval process

- Organize and attend important milestone meetings (project kick-off, construction drawings communication, interior decoration drawings communication) with dealer, region, design company, project management company and external suppliers

- On-site construction quality & progress inspection, follow up on action plans with dealer, develop solutions, act as final quality gate on facility readiness and trigger outlets POCC process

- Exercise same level of monitoring as above on desk checking basis in case on-site opportunity is limited

- Steering entire construction process (incl. newly build/relocation/renovation/upgrade projects), coordinating with BMBS internal departments and external suppliers to ensure successful and timely POCC

- Monitoring and ensuring uncompromised CI standard implementation on all occasions

2. Support to Senior Manager

- Autohaus construction status update, target fulfilment status issue reporting and solution development

- Cost of Franchise reporting and solution development

- Develop local adaptation solutions and measures on architecture implementations (lessons learnt)

- Complete ad-hoc works allocated by Senior Manager

3. Technical support to MB dealers

- Guide dealers on MB Construction Guideline and CI Standard

- Actively advocate approved CI/Digital elements and MAR2020 concept/principals

- Closely monitor project timeline, guide dealers on establishing and revising project milestones on reasonable basis, stick to timeline in principal

- Liaison with dealers on local law and regulations issues such as fire fighting and environmental protection

4. Implementing pilot projects of new concept (ad-hoc basis)

- Facilitate and implement pilot concepts on real projects

- Evaluate pilot projects results and implementation procedure and optimize work flow