Forensic Soc Worker
Palomar Health
 Escondido, CA
Primarily responsible for providing service to the Child Abuse Program as a child interview specialist. Conducts culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate, and legally defensible interviews with children, adolescents, and delayed adults, utilizing a nationally recognized protocol. Provides crisis intervention/support, ensures patients receive appropriate referrals to services. Prepares written interview reports, utilizes NCA Trak/web based client management system. Provides testimony in court regarding cases in criminal and/or civil cases when necessary. Possesses understanding of NCA and CAC standards and implementation of best practices. Participates as a member of the multidisciplinary investigative team, maintains positive communicative and collaborative relationships with MDT members. Attends monthly MDT case review meetings, participates in ongoing education, and state/local peer review. Acts as a community liaison/educator for investigatory agencies, Palomar Health, and the community on issues of child abuse. Coordinates with Palomar Health Foundation regarding assistance with fundraising and department events. Assists with program development. Assists and supports front office staff/ SART program with phone calls/intake, and release of evidence when necessary. Ensures that the program goals are consistent with those of Palomar Health. Speak and read English at a level that is sufficient to satisfactorily perform the essential functions of the position. Knowledge of standard office equipment (i.e., calculator, fax, photocopier) and personal computer and computer software skills (i.e., MS Windows, Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, internet, e-mail). Windows computer skills including proficient use of keyboarding, use of mouse or keys for functions such as selecting items, use of drop down menus, scroll bars, opening folders, copying and similar operations required upon employment or within the 1st two weeks of employment to perform the essential functions of the job. Performs other duties as assigned. Follows Palomar Health rules, policies, procedures, applicable laws and standards. Carries out the mission, vision, and quality commitment of Palomar Health.

Job Requirements

Minimum Education: Masters Degree in Social Work
Preferred Education: Not Applicable
Minimum Experience: 1 - 3 years similar social work
Preferred Experience: 3 - 5 years similar social work
Bilingual - Spanish
Required Certification: Not Applicable
Preferred Certification: Not Applicable
Required License: Valid Driver's License
Preferred License: Current CA Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)