System Engineer, Intermediate - (TRCC)

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Erie, PA
Job Description

Job Title: System Engineer, Intermediate - (TRCC)

Job ID: 180000W6

Status: Full-Time

Regular/Temporary: Regular


Shift: Day Job

Facility: UPMC CancerCenter

Department: HS - CancerCtr Inf Svcs

Location: 2500 W 12th St, Erie PA 16505


Effective January 1, 2019, The Regional Cancer Center medical oncology office will be operated by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. As a result, the office will be staffed by UPMC Hillman Cancer Center employees.

UPMC Hillman CancerCenter is hiring a System Engineer, Intermediate to help support the Hamot Medical Oncology office located in Erie, PA.

This role will maintain systems software and purchased systems software packages, determine and resolve problems occurring in systems software or hardware and act as a technical liaison to computer vendors. Some programming will be required to accomplish system to system interfaces. The engineer will assume on-call support responsibility on occasion.


* Provideservice to ISD client community, patients, families and visitors, whileprotecting the integrity and confidentiality of all data and informationthrough physical and electronic measures.

* Determinethe cause of systems software or hardware problems, arrive at a solution, andimplement appropriate actions to correct.

* Assistwith install of system software, upgrades, or new releases, utility software,and program temporary fixes. Perform system gens as required. Do so in a manner that will not cause a majordisruption to the production environment

* Assistprogramming personnel and operations personnel with technical problems andtheir resolution. Provide operator orclient with information on new or modified systemshardware and softwareinstalled at Information Services.

* Maintain current information on recent trendsof computer hardware and software.

* Write,debug, test and document any specialized programs required to interface withsystems software or between hardware units.

* Provideon-going assistance to other staff members as required.

* Ensureperformance considerations are designed into system configurations and maintaina formal methodology for reporting performance.

* Provideon-call support (non-business hours) at established times in accordance with policiesand procedures of the Information Services Division.

* Provideclients of Information Services with the necessary procedures and documentationneeded to operate systems.

* Highlymotivated to apply process improvement (CMMI) to increase product and servicequality to achieve business objectives.

* Providesupport as required by ISD's Disaster Recovery Plan.

* ISD Modality Responsibilities

* SystemsInfrastructure, Operations, and Engineering - Configures, deploys and maintainsserver/system/ network infrastructure interfaces with vendors as needed. Interfaces with vendors for procurement anddeployment. Maintains integrity andperformance of an operating system environment. Maintains production change control schedule and supports change controlactivity. Monitors and maintainscontinuity with system software licensing and maintenance agreements. Procures, configures, deploys, and maintainsplatform/ system/network infrastructure. Provides ongoing operational support of enterprise-wide applications,databases, and technology. Providestactical troubleshooting of platform/ system/network hardware and softwareproblems.

* SystemsAdministration and Support - Executes basic change implementation plans. Demonstrates working understanding ofmainframe and/or server systems and utilities. Demonstrates working knowledge of disaster recovery procedures andassists in disaster recovery testing. Identifies, documents, determines the cause of, and corrects commoninstances of system/server performance degradation. Configures common software packages based ondetailed instructions provided by the project team. Investigates and installs complex OSpatches. Implements disaster recoverypolicies and procedures on a particular system. Conducts system backup and recovery procedures on a system. Is knowledgeable in system hardeningtechniques as well as user access levels. Modifies kernel and network tunable parameters with supervision. Tests, debugs, modifies tunes, and documentsoperating system software.

* OperatingSystem Programming - Tests, debugs, modifies tunes, and documents operatingsystem software. Working knowledge ofsoftware and hardware tools to identify and diagnose problems and factorsaffecting systems performance. Working knowledgeof the framework (component, container, server, and underlying services) orsimilar concepts on other technologies. Working knowledge of remote method invocation, naming and directoryservices, framework remote operations and location transparency persistence,threading, caching, resource management, and component lifecycle, and appliesthese techniques or similar concepts with assistance. Installs, sets parameters, and tunes ERP orcomplex software packages.

* Hardware / Platform Engineering & Support- Develops specification of Mainframe/Host/ Server/ Desktop hardwarecomponents. Performs basic hardwaresizing for a particular platform. Troubleshoots common platform problems. Understands and articulates Platform security architecture.

* Systems Technical Support - Installs andmaintains most operating systems and performance tools. Troubleshoots common errors andproblems. Develops procedures andconducts training. Participates in 7X24on-call rotation.

* Project Management Skills - Works with projectmanager to define tasks and create team work plans with moderatesupervision. Delegates work to othersand monitors progress. Identifiesissues affecting work progress and recommends solutions. Communicates schedule variances and potentialscope changes in status reports. Controls project costs, communicating any project-related expenses andrecommends ways to control costs.


* Four year academic degreeincludes courses in computer programming, systems analysis, system development,or systems engineering OR has acquired Core IT skills and knowledge viapractical experience.

* Demonstrate thoroughunderstanding of the fundamental tools and concepts of one of the informationtechnology professional disciplines (i.e., Applications, Business Analysis,Customer Service, Data, Networking, Operations, Security, Systems Engineering,etc.) and applies that understanding to make independent practicalcontributions to IT work within a particular UPMC department or function.

* Meet IT Career Level Criteria for Individual/TeamContributors outlined in the Universal Criteria Leveling Guide.

* Additionally, this positionmay be required to maintain a stand by status as part of a rotation within theteam.

* May in the course of their duties be in roomswhere medications are stored.

* No contact with medicationsis allowed.

Salary Range: $29.14 to $44.28

Union Position: No

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