FRTC Production Test Operator

TechnipFMC Erie, PA
Primary Functions:

Perform production testing on meters in the Flow Research and Test Center (FRTC), including but not limited to Ultrasonic, Turbine and Positive Displacement metering technologies. Work in cooperation with Lab Technicians to complete established piping setups and perform routine safety inspections of the flow test systems. Practice and promote safe work activities, habits and surrounding conditions on the part of everyone. Safe-guard the environment by complying with corporate guidelines, local, state and national environmental regulations.

Typical Duties:

1. Based on test specifications, erect or remove piping as needed.

2. When tests are complete, dismantle and clean piping and test meter, then return equipment to its designated area.

3. Prepare components and products for testing per engineering specifications, test plans or log cards. Conduct tests as scheduled and record data.

4. Assist in routine testing of master meters with the use of small volume provers.

5. Be constantly on guard for hazardous or unsafe conditions. Correct and/or report them immediately to the appropriate person or supervisor.

6. Make formal safety inspections at least monthly, and submit written report to director of safety and/or supervisor. Communicate results to all who inhabit (for any period of time) the FRTC.

7. Maintain a high level of neatness and good housekeeping throughout the area.

8. Complete daily departmental safety walks.

9. Cooperate with and assist other departments requiring the use of the FRTC facility.

10. Assemble and disassemble production meter test kits into facility test housings.

11. Perform initial software programming of Ultrasonic meters in preparation for testing

12. Perform atypical production testing to meet customer requirements such as tests requiring the utilizing a small volume prover.

13. Perform fluid changes on the multi-viscosity test systems.

14. Perform system valve testing to verify block and bleed seal integrity.

Minimum Requirements:

Two years of meter testing experience or equivalent.

Mechanical aptitude plus good logical reasoning and analytical trouble-shooting skills. Basic machine and equipment operation experience is desirable.


All job classifications require the ability to work together cooperatively to accomplish the goals of the business. This includes communicating for the purpose of maintaining production schedules, compliance with ISO standards, total quality of parts and continuous improvement of processes.

Rotation among duties of this job description is a requirement. Renewal of qualifications in this job description is required when there is a specific reason to question the ability to perform the job at an acceptable level of productivity and safety.