Process Technician, Dermis

MTF Biologics Edison, NJ

The Dermis Technician will be responsible for aseptically processing human skin tissue for transplantation. The technician's responsibilities also include sterilization and maintenance of all lab processing areas and equipment. This position will require working 1 weekend day to be determined at time of hire.


1.Prepare quality tissue and maintain aseptic technique at all times. 2.Receive tissues from Donor Log-In Personnel.
3.Follow work order and or goal sheet as indicated by Plannning. 4.Work closely with Planning personnel.
5.Work closely with Process Engineering personnel.
6.Responsible for documentation of all processing paperwork. 7.Responsible for all quality checks on processed skin and paperwork prior to release.
8.Perform quality and safety observations as assigned.
9.Prepare skin for long-term freezer storage.
10.Clean and sanitize work area and all equipment and supplies. 11.Educate/train other employees in the process.
12.Accurately measure, label and package tissue.
13.Proper destruction of tissue (i.e. positive serological results, tissue not suitable for FG)
14.Proper documentation of discarded tissue.
15.Perform inventory on incoming skin tissue.
16.Document all processing activities completely and accurately. 17.Follows SOP's and required specifications.
18.Work with potential biological hazardous material.
19.Work with sharps and cutting equipment.
20.Prepare chemical solutions for processing.
21.Monitor equipment in the lab.
22.Conduct in process testing.
23.Responsible for the disposal of chemicals.
24.Will maintain supplies and order as necessary.
25.Perform additional duties as assigned.

1.Minimum two years experience in one of the following areas:
- Tissue banking, surgical technician or nurse
- Production experience in a sterile environment in the pharmaceutical or medical fields
- Position requiring use of hand tools or procedures involving hand-eye coordination
2.High school diploma. College coursework in life sciences helpful
3.Knowledge of CGMPs or QSRs.
4.Basic computer skills.
5.Organizational ability.
6.Ability to work independently.
7.Must be able to maintain a working knowledge of the Standard Operating Procedures. 8.Must be able to stand for long periods of time and work for up to four hours without a rest break.
9.Able to lift 40 pounds.