Nurse Tech

Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance Edinburg, TX
POSITION SUMMARY: The Nurse Technician is responsible for assisting in the delivery of both direct and indirect nursing care under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. The Nurse Tech program is designed to help the student nurse grow and develop as a true nursing professional. Purpose: To experience a realistic working environment To gain experience in an employment situation To help the student familiarize themselves to the hospital environment To provide opportunities for interaction with physicians and other healthcare providers To expand clinical knowledge and skills The Nursing Technician performs basic patient care by assisting in the treatment and care of patients under the direction of a licensed nurse. Minimum Position Qualifications: Education: Possesses high school diploma or GED Is a student nurse who can document successful completion of appropriate clinical courses. Appropriate courses include but are not limited to Med/Surg, Physical assessment, Pharmacology and Fundamentals.


POSITION EDUCATION/QUALIFICATIONS: • Possesses high school diploma or GED • Completion of two semesters of ADN or BSN Nursing Program • Current Student in Good standing with an Accredited Nursing Program. Required to submit transcript after each semester of nursing school. • Letter form the school of nursing (letterhead) stating “the applicant has successfully completed applicable number of semesters and is in good academic standing. • Letter of Intent • Must provide the hospital with “Hospital’s Skills Checklist” signed by nursing instructor(s). • BLS Certification from American Heart Association (AHA) • Able to provide the hospital with a minimum of 12 hours or one shift per pay period (every two weeks) • Computer skills required with knowledge of Microsoft Office suite. • Good written and verbal communication skills required. • Some evening or weekend work will be required • Bilingual – English/Spanish preferred

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