Facebook Marketing Strategist

The Snow Agency
 Edgewater, NJ

Facebook Marketing Strategist

Job Overview

The ability to craft marketing campaigns from inception to scale on a multi-channel facet. Must understand how to properly target the ideal customer using historical data to create a custom audience. Must understand how demographics co-mingle between products and stores to use all of the past data to successfully market a wide range of products to customers. Moreover, must be able to cultivate interest based audiences that the target customers show appeal towards.

The marketer must also be able to identify data trends between products, stores, demographics and use it towards identifying future products with a higher chance of success rate. It is of utmost importance to also identify which types of content appeal towards certain demographics, as well as understanding the cohesive content structure amongst the customer acquisition journey.

Prior Experience

MINIMUM 1 year and $500,000 in ad spend on the Facebook platform.

Responsibilities And Duties

  • Utilize Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics to develop insights and action items intended to increase our clients revenues month-over-month.
  • Understand how to create custom audiences and build lookalike audiences from the seed audience.
  • Understand how to re-target and segment audiences.
  • Understand audience overlap and how to properly include/exclude audiences.
  • Understand proper nomenclature on the campaign/ ad set/ ad level.
  • Identify previous days performance on all products and stores being managed.
  • Understand all the different ad placements on Facebook and how to include/exclude them to get optimal performance.
  • Understand how to adjust budgets up or down as needed in the proper scenarios.
  • Understand when to duplicate ads and ad sets and why.
  • Effectively communicate and task graphic designer/s to create content for different situational criteria such as promotional content, collection videos, montage videos, testimonials, IG/snap stories, pre-roll youtube videos.
  • Be able to understand how to properly split test and WHY. be able to use control variables etc to find patterns and winning audiences, ads etc.
  • Communicate with content team on which types of influencers/celebrities to target to best position their ads to succeed and market to target audiences/demographics.
  • Conduct competitive research and macro-level research to stay informed on fluctuations and changes in the industry and environment that could impact the overall success of paid media campaigns.
  • Manage 3-5 clients marketing budgets on a monthly basis between $30-100,000 a month per client