Unit Leader- Overnight Camp

Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
 East Troy, WI

Unit Leader at Overnight Camp

Looking for a summer job that makes a difference, join our 2024 camp staff today! Our overnight camp is a place where energetic and passionate staff come together to provide a safe and positive learning environment for campers ages 5-17. At Girl Scouts GCNWI camps we have a wide variety of opportunities for you. Campers and staff alike spend the summer outdoors, trying new activities, gaining independence, and building long-lasting relationships.

As a Unit Leader you will be critical to the success of the summer as part of the leadership team and the first-line resource for problem solving for campers and counselors. In this role you will supervise and guide campers and counselors through progressive learning experiences and live on site in a camper unit..

Work Commitment:

Our summer season runs from early June through mid-August, including staff training and excluding our fourth of July break. Our overnight camp staff work from 11 a.m. Sunday morning until 10 p.m. Friday evening every week.

Camp Staff Benefits:

The nitty-gritties: Paid summer camp position with 24 hours off each week and breaks every day. Includes room and board (yes that’s right you will live on camp and get all your food provided for free!), First Aid & CPR certifications, and a rocking camp staff shirt!

The real perks & career benefits: At camp you will quickly discover that the more you put into the experience, the more rewarding it will be. During the summer develop your outdoor skills and leadership to help build your resume away from pressures of your typical everyday routine. You will be a valuable member of this camp community, where your voice will be heard and you will receive the support you need to have a fun and successful summer.

Pay range: $780 a week; dependent on qualifications and experience.

Unit Leader Qualifications:

  • Loves to interact with children and has prior experience working with children of various ages
  • Enjoys spending time outdoors and has prior experience working in an outdoor setting
  • Must be 19+ years old and possess a high school diploma or GED; 21+ preferred.
  • 1-3 years experience working with children in a camp setting.
  • Willingness to work and, at times, live in an indoor and outdoor camp setting, which includes working irregular hours with limited or simple equipment, rustic facilities, wildlife and insects; limited technology while at camp, and daily exposure to sun, rain, and other weather conditions

Unit Leader Responsibilities:

  • Provide fun, positive and active leadership to campers
  • Help build a supportive environment where campers can grow, make new friends, and try new things
  • Role model problem-solving, collaboration, and initiative to campers and other staff
  • Supervise and participate in first night camper planning, scheduling, and provide assistance as appropriate
  • Knowledgeable with schedule, activities, and needs of the campers’ programs, and capable of taking over as primary facilitator for the program. Expected to participate enthusiastically in activities.
  • Be present with camper group(s) throughout the camp day and night. Covers breaks and absences of Unit Counselors, including duties assigned to that counselor by the camp office. (Example: swimming “watcher” duty)
  • Assume responsibility for the physical health and safety and the mental welfare of the campers, especially regarding appropriate and diligent use of sunscreen and bug spray; washing hands before every meal; getting enough food, water, and rest; daily brushing of teeth and showers; and awareness of sniffles, coughs, rashes, sores, blisters, and scratching.
  • Act as first-level advisor for counselors who have camper challenges and concerns.
  • Listen to and advise staff members regarding personal issues as needed, serving as their advocate.
  • Other duties as assigned

Apply today to join our summer camp team! (Your future self will thank you!)