Cost Accountant

Position Core Role :

Position will be responsible for HAM Supplier Buy-Up Tooling (SBT). HAM maintains ownership of all tooling in North America (approx. $1B in annual investments). Will provide NA required direction and chargeback information related to SBT. Calculates, manages, and analyzes annual depreciation (approx. $950M/year). Calculates, manages and coordinates revenue between HAM and other NA E-Companies (approx. $650M/year). Supports other budget activities as assigned by manager.

Essential Function and Responsibilities:

* Manage SBT investments and calculate depreciation

* Coordinate activities between NAP and HAM Accounting related to SBT investments spending ($1B per year)

* Calculate Cost per Unit (CPU) for NA SBT and coordinate with other NA production facilities (HMA, HMIN, HCM, etc.), approx. $650M/year

* Coordinate investment transfers across international borders to maximize trade agreements and minimize tax impact (e.g., HAM to HdM, HAM to HCM)

* Prepare monthly and quarterly analysis and schedules to show results and gaps

* Responsible to calculate budget for SBT at 5 different events each year, coordinate across other NA production facilities

* Prepare budget reports and communicate actual results to management across NA

* Calculate SBT income and expense for actual results on a monthly basis

Daily Tasks:

* Support fixed asset process to place SBT assets in service and calculate depreciation

* Provide support / direction to NAP Budget Controller

* Support SBT activity at HAM and across other NA companies

* Reconcile SBT between NAP and HAM

* Answer questions from HAM, NAP, and other NA production operations

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Strong knowledge of Accounting Principles, especially investment and depreciation

* Understanding of manufacturing accounting

* Strong computer skills, especially Excel

* Computer accounting systems

* Ability to work independently

* Data analysis skills

* Interpersonal skills to work across departments

* Strong analytical skills and understanding of complex relationships related to cost

Required Experience:

0-4 Years of accounting related experience, based on education

Education Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in a related field (e.g., accounting, finance, business) or equivalent related experience

Honda Factors:

* Experience with SAP

* Manufacturing experience

* Fixed Asset experience