Cell Master Finisher

Moog Inc. East Aurora, NY
Over the past 60 years, Moog has developed a reputation throughout the world as a company whose people and products are at the forefront of the aerospace industry. We are known for our successful solutions to motion control challenges that are viewed by others as impossible. Over this period, Moog has expanded its capability base to become a leading supplier of integrated control actuation systems for civil and military aircraft.

If it's got to fly, Moog's team of engineers and technicians can make it happen

In an industry that continuously pushes technology to its absolute limits, employing the best and brightest in the field is crucial.

Do you possess a high standard of quantity and quality of workmanship?

Our Aircraft Group needs your superior technical knowledge of deburr and quality mindset for our Cell Master Finisher opening…

In this role you'll…

…perform required bench and machine operations to clean, polish, break edges, form radii, blend defects, as well as remove contamination, excess material, and flash, and identify unusual defects in material or workmanship, making your own judgments and decisions on defects.

…be responsible for sizing parts, using adjustable measuring instruments such as micrometers, bore-mics, diatests, etc., when removing defects or assisting others in removing defects.

…work from operation sheets, blueprints, sketches, and plastic bodies to plan the entire sequence of work performed.

…select, sharpen, and/or make special tooling, as required, as well as select lighting aids and visual magnification to meet quality specifications.

…perform other cell fabrication activities including, but not limited to, vibratory deburring, acid etch, magnetic particle inspection and/or penetrant inspection, marking/engraving, pulse flush and cleaning operations.

…solve problems and plan workflow in a team setting.

You will need to meet the following education, experience, and skill requirements:

* Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent plus over 3 years of deburr experience.

* Demonstrated use of drawings, operations sheets, specifications or written instructions.

* The ability to select and use adjustable measuring equipment.

* Must be able to work autonomously to plan work, materials, schedule and select appropriate tooling with little to no guidance.

* In accordance with strict Federal Aviation Agency (F.A.A.) regulations regarding Safety Sensitive Work (S.S.W.), employee enrollment & participation in the company's "F.A.A. Drug & Alcohol Program" is a requirement for this position.

Moog Inc. is an EOE/AA Minority/Female/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Disability/Veteran