LPN Nurse Care Manager

YouthCare of Oklahoma Durant, OK

LPN with any combination of education and experience that would provide appropriate licensing credentials for the state of Oklahoma Nursing Board.


* Define and communicate expected behavior.

* Enforce policy, procedures and regulations

* Promote functional clinic environments

* Maintain an appointment schedule.

* Demonstrate an awareness of perceptions, feelings, needs and concerns of others.

* Develop resources for support of staff

* Develop, organize, and lead staff in implementing solutions to a Medical problem.

* Monitor client progress in relation to treatment plan goals and objectives.

* Assist staff in solving individual client problems.

* Support Clinicians in development of positive reinforcement of clients.

* Lead staff in-service training related to medical criterion.

* Other duties as assigned.


* Communicates with the primary caregiver regarding the need for youth to be seen by their primary care physician (PCP);

* Tracks data for patient compliance with visits and medical care recommendations and ensures EPSDT screenings in accordance with periodicity schedules;

* Integrates PCP consent into the electronic medical record;

* Trains Project Director and Care Coordinator to integrate medical domain in plan of care;

* Ensure that children taking multiple psychotropic medications are seen by PCP at least once per year;

* Helps implement team recommendations;

* Develops member registries;

* Communicates with members' parents and guardians;

* Coordinates, controls, supervises, and participated in the provision of activities and services relating to the medical and medication needs of the clients.

* Must be familiar with methods, principals and techniques in relation to current Medical issues and Medication management.

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