Entry Level Sprinkler Technician

Marco Protection Systems, LLC Downingtown, PA
Company Profile:

Marco Protection Systems, LLC provides design, installation and around-the-clock service for all of the fire detection, alarm, suppression, security, CCTV and monitoring equipment we offer.

Job Description:

The Entry Level Sprinkler Technician is to deliver quality products and services which meet or exceed customer and industry standards, and to achieve customer satisfaction through a unified commitment to job competency and unsurpassed service.

Essential Job Functions:

* Assist with routine inspection, service and maintenance of fire sprinkler/standpipe systems and related equipment.

* Assist with flow tests, fire pump tests, hydrostatic tests, main drain tests, trip test dry valves, and test hydrants.

* Assist with dry sprinkler inspection, including; properly trip test dry valve, identify/test/reset QODs and air maintenance device, identify auxiliary drains, clean/reset dry valves, identify low air pressure switches, properly put system in service and identify correct types of air compressors.

* Assist with pre-action/deluge inspections including; properly identifying and disabling the systems, testing and resetting, identify mechanical, electrical op and auxiliary shutdown and properly put system in service.

* Correctly identify and inspect standpipe including; identify class of standpipe and hose cabinet, properly test hose valves, test pressure relief, inspect and re-rack hose.

* Conduct a fire pump test including; properly identify pump types, calculate actual flow GPM/hoses, use pitot, multimeter, tachometer, have knowledge of pump controller and the ability to graph pump curve.

* Perform a wet system inspection including; perform the main drain test, identify and test flow switched, tampers, water motor alarms, antifreeze loops, and perform a proper walkthrough inspection.

* Keep informed of new products and developments. Attend in-house training sessions and manufacturers training as assigned and/or required.

* Properly identify and test fire hydrants.

* Be knowledgeable with N.F.P.A 25 and to troubleshoot fire pumps, wet systems, dry systems, and pre action systems.

* Operate 300 machine and to thread and groove pipe as well as proper head spacing.

* Accurately compete and return all field paperwork on time, including calling in time worked daily.

* Be available for off-hour emergency service calls and the on-call schedule assigned.

* Report all accidents, mishaps and/or customer complaints immediately.

* Keep company issued vehicle clean, neat, and organized. Return unused parts and equipment to the warehouse/shed upon completion of job.

* Work cooperatively with other departments within the company and with fellow coworkers.

* Interface with customers to explain work to be performed, answer their questions and address their concerns in a knowledgeable and respectful manner.

* Provide accurate and complete information on reports and quotes.

* Manage time including time on the job as well as time on road to job sites.



* Required: High School Diploma or GED.

* Preferred: Advanced Technical School Training.


* Required: 1-3 years related experience


* Valid drivers license with clean driving record required

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

* Ability to work independently with limited supervisor

* Demonstrate integrity, honesty

* Mechanical skills and aptitude

* Proficient in basic computer skills

* Demonstrate problem-solving skills

* Good communication skills (written and verbal). Able to interact with all levels being served. Represent the company in a professional, credible manner in speech, written communications and appearance

* Able to adapt behavior to different people and situations. Be flexible by adjusting interpersonal approaches appropriate to the manager/employee

* Must pass random substance abuse tests

Physical Demands/Working Conditions:

* Must be able to stand for long periods of time (up to 4 hours) without a break

* Position requires bending, twisting, stooping, climbing

* Must be able to lift 50 pounds frequently and up to 100 pounds occasionally

* Position requires pushing and pulling up to 25 pounds frequently and 40 pounds occasionally

* May be exposed to temperature changes, heights, small spaces and confined spaces

* Ability to distinguish colors and use hands for repetitive fine manipulation frequently