Manager, Engineering Development

Job Description

Development manager is responsible for all aspects of the site acquisition, zoning and construction processes. Manager has primary responsibility to produce executed leases, entitlements and construction, all of which leads to getting new sites on air. Manager must be able to work and coordinate all development efforts with RF and Operations; team collaboration skills are essential. Manager is responsible for meeting all development milestones necessary to achieve forecast goals. Manager is expected to forecast all major development milestones. Manager may negotiate competitive site acquisition and zoning vendor contracts in accordance with market conditions and will be responsible to manage quality of agents in the market.


* Manage and track production pertaining to cell site leasing, zoning, and construction

* Administer contracts and track purchase orders regarding zoning and leasing milestones

* Draft and implement development processes, management plans and contract deliverable schedules (baselines), operational troubleshooting and training

* Regularly directs the work of direct reports comprised of contractors and/or employees

* Exercises approval authority for all employees hired into the department

* Communicates and oversees cross functional or company wide initiatives

* Leads the implementation of policy or organization structure changes

* Determines headcount, skill sets and other resources needed to accomplish the mission of the department(s)

* Influences executives regarding strategy or and to achieve business objectives

* Coordinates and integrates staff activities and resources across functional teams to implement strategies

* Acts as a top management intermediary to communicate Company direction to employees in multiple functions

* Also responsible for other Duties/Projects as assigned by business management as needed.


* Knowledge of land use regulations and public agency decision-making process pertaining to cell sites

* Ability to negotiate cell site leases with any/all existing or potential landlords (e.g. public agencies, private corporations, private citizens and non-profit agencies)

* Principles and constraints of construction

* Principles and practice in team building across various engineering disciplines (e.g. RF, Operations, Development and Property Management)

* 4-7 years industry experience in development-related activity

* 2-4 years supervisory responsibility for both employees and contract personnel


Bachelors Degree in Technology preferred


Minimum Qualifications

* At least 18 years of age.• Legally authorized to work in the United States.• High School Diploma or GED.• Pre-employment background screen.

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