RN Charge Nurse
Douglasville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC
 Douglasville, GA

Bedside Nurse (RN) 1st, 2nd, & 3rd shift

You know your a Nurse when:

Leave your shoes in the garage

Check caller ID on your days off

Can eat popcorn from a clean bedpan

You always have extra pens in your pocket that isn't yours

Douglasville Nursing and Rehabilitation loves nurses because:

They can save your life

Their perfume doesn't suffocate you

They tell great stories if you can bear to listen to them

They can do CPR if your pacemaker fails

They can diagnosis almost anything

They don't faint at the sign of blood

They can translate medical jargon

They know how to sign you out of a hospital.......

If any of this made you laugh...... Apply ASAP we need you personality. If this didn't make you laugh re read it!

We're currently looking for RN with a specialization in bedside manners. Along with the normal qualifications of the position which include: Med pass, assessments, supervising cna's, electronic charting, observations, treatment, and much more.


  • Ability to smile uncontrollably
  • The love for people
  • Basic computer skills for electronic charting
  • Unrestricted Registered Nurse License from any state or Compact License
  • CPR
  • Flexibility to work 4-2 schedule rotation