Program Director- Children and Family Treatment and Support Services
 Dix Hills, NY




  1. Coordinates with Operations Manager to ensure individuals are assigned services in a timely manner.
  2. Provide clinical support and guidance for the CFTSS/HCBS supervisors and providers.
  3. Ensure rounds are being completed weekly and issues are addressed that arise in such meeting.
  4. Monitor caseload ratios of enrolled youth within the CFTSS/HCBS Programs.
  5. Develop and nurture leadership qualities in all line staff by trouble shooting and offering guidance on how to handle difficult or challenging situations, while providing adequate support to ensure compliance, which could include, documentation, billing, and tracking systems.
  6. Facilitate and assist CFTSS/HCBS staff with follow-up with other agencies enrolled individuals when difficulties arise.
  7. Review case records reviews when needed to ensure compliance.
  8. Assist the Regional Director in recruiting, hiring, training, and overall supervision of CFTSS/HCBS staff as needed.
  9. Provide effective performance feedback through employee recognition, rewards, and disciplinary action, with the assistance of Human Resources, when necessary.
  10. Reviews and evaluates staff performance regularly according to agency procedures.
  11. Approves, under advice from supervisory staff and Regional Director, all personnel requests for vacation, leave of absences, etc.
  12. Assists the Regional Director in planning, directing and coordinating all aspects of the program to ensure that quantity and quality of service meets high standard.
  13. Assist Regional Director with overall program development and growth.


  1. Schedule Service Provider Supervisors
    and providers (in the absence of their supervisor) to attend required CFTSS/HCBS,
    SCO, LMS/Relias, and other trainings as needed.
  2. Complete mandated reporter training upon hire and
    yearly with SCO Mandated Yearly Training (OSHA, HIPAA, Corporate Compliance,
    and Mandated Reporter).
  1. Complete and
    monitor mandated annual staff development trainings.
  2. Facilitate
    trainings as needed.
  3. Ensure
    continuing professional development.
  4. Responsible
    for your own professional development.
    Should also be aware of any significant changes in the field as
    well as being willing to attend outside conferences, seminars and
    workshops as requested by the agency. Complete two continuing education
    courses a fiscal year.

Administrative/Billing Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible
    for following all guidelines of the CFTSS/HCBS Programs as directed by
    agency policy/procedure and Department of Health (DOH).
  2. Serve
    as liaison between with DOH and other oversight bodies.
  3. Complete
    all necessary paperwork, documentation and training associated with the CFTSS/HCBS
    programs in a timely fashion and in accordance with regulatory guidelines.
  4. Coordinate
    and ensure execution of plans for audit preparation.
  5. Provide
    information regarding audit readiness including but not limited to Key
    Performance Indicators (KPI) data, data regarding unit case records,
    number of visits completed minimally on a monthly basis to the directors.
  6. Develop
    a professional relationship and work closely with the CFTSS/HCBS Regional
    Director and Supervisors.
  7. Perform all other duties as assigned.
  8. Ensure that all data for enrolled, discharged,
    transferred and ineligible children is updated in electronic system.
  1. Master’s
    Degree and a minimum of two to five years supervisory experience in the
    child welfare field.
  2. Maintain
    a professional license in accordance with a Licensed Practitioner of the
    Healing Arts (Licensed
    Clinical Psychologist (LCP), Licensed Clinical
    Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC),
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).
  3. Hold
    a high value for teamwork.
  4. Approved
    background clearance check via the State Central Registry, Criminal check
    via fingerprinting, clearance via the National Sexual Offender Registry
    and compliance with health regulations via a manteaux and/or chest x-ray