Security Guard
 Dexter, MO
Variable Shift

Provide a range of security services in a health care environment that includes being alert for criminal activity, performing patrols on foot and by motor vehicle, assisting hospital staff in a wide array of activities

  • Responsible for protecting the buildings and grounds, including the contents, occupants, and visitors from fire, theft, vandalism, disruption, and illegal entry.
  • Perform walking and motor vehicle patrols of hospital facility, off-campus sites, and parking lots, seeking out and taking protective action against hazards or conditions which may cause damage, injury, or interference through fire accident, theft, or trespass.
  • Enforces security regulations where applicable.
  • Assists in handling lost and found articles.
  • Gives directions to patients, visitors, and hospital guests.
  • Directs traffic on the premises, assists public in locating parking places, and enforces parking regulations.
  • Safely operates hospital motor vehicle.
  • Properly checks in and out vehicles used by other employees.
  • Controls and issues vehicle keys and credit cards.
  • Makes bank deposits and picks up mail on an as needed basis.
  • May make special deliveries of hospital document supplies, patients, or staff as required.
  • Prepares daily shift reports.
  • May prepare special reports of incidents or take written statements from witnesses.
  • Provides directions to fire department in a fire alarm situation.
  • Responds and investigates fire alarms.
  • Assists in helicopter landings and departures.
  • Answers requests for assistance on a timely basis.
  • Directs vehicle traffic.
  • Controls abusive or combative patients, visitors, or employees.
  • Perform heavy lifting of patients and medical devices.
  • Monitors severe weather.
  • May have to implement disaster plan.
  • Conducts fire drills.
  • Inspects fire extinguishers.
  • Any other duties as assigned.
  • Duties require interaction with different patient age groups, i.e. neonate, child, adolescents, adult, and the elderly, and requires recognition that different age groups require specialized attention or care.

  • High School Graduate or equivalent required, Bachelors degree preferred.
  • Experience in law enforcement, military service, or security services accepted.
  • Qualify for City of Cape Girardeau Security Guard License (Must be 21 years of age), free from convictions of moral turpitude, no felony convictions or convictions by military court martial.
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English.