Social Worker 2

State of Iowa Des Moines, IA
Job Description

The Department of Human Services - Glenwood Resource Center is looking to fill a Social Worker 2 position to assist the state.

Job duties include:

Maintain contact with people on assigned caseload, providing support, advocacy and assistance with attaining a transition to a more integrated setting. Maintain contact with families and/or guardians of those on assigned caseload, providing support and status updates, facilitating consents and preparing for a transition to a more integrated setting by actively promoting 'a life in the community', providing information on the resources available in the state and supporting their participation in Olmstead related activities. Inform families and/or guardians of upcoming meetings, events and/or opportunities for participation in the support, treatment and daily life of those people on assigned case load. Represent their concerns/interests when they are unable to attend. Support maintenance of relationships with family and friends by facilitating calls, visits, written and other communications on an on-going basis.

Participate actively as a member of the Interdisciplinary team, communicating activities, needs and issues of concern related to people on assigned caseload in order to promote comprehensive service planning. Relate information to the interdisciplinary team, regarding upcoming visits from families and/or guardians and plans regarding off campus visits. Coordinate, as needed, to ensure that preparations are made (i.e.: medications, money, clothing, CASA, etc.) to afford a smooth process. Communicate and coordinate efforts related to transition to a more integrated setting with the interdisciplinary team, securing their expertise and including them in the transition process. Actively participate in MIRs, psychiatric consultations, annual ISP and other team meetings. Facilitate discussions regarding progress, social work activities and transition to more integrated settings for those on assigned case load.

Communicate effectively with outside stakeholders, to include case managers, CPCs and other stakeholders to promote the concepts of a life in the community. Provide case managers and other stakeholders, as appropriate, progress reports, notification of upcoming meetings and other information pertinent to those on the assigned case load. Maintain positive relationships with providers of community based services, acting as a partner to providers and supporting transitions to the community for those on case load.

Complete required paperwork: reports, discharge and transition plans, consents and notifications. Update as required. Document all communications, contracts, actions and activities carried out on behalf of the individual in the corresponding electronic record. Attend and participate in social work department professional development activities and staff meetings. Participate in quality assurance activities as assigned. Maintain compliance on assigned in-services and trainings.

Schedule: 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday Some travel, some flex scheduling

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university;


the equivalent of four years of full-time technical work experience involving direct contact with people in overcoming their social, economic, psychological, or health problems;


an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting the equivalent of one year of full-time qualifying work experience for one year (thirty semester or equivalent hours) of the required education to a maximum substitution of four years.

For additional information, please click on this link to view the job description. Additional Qualification Requirements

Designated positions in this job class require applicants to obtain the required Chauffeurs License and endorsements within a period of time as determined by the appointing authority at the time of hire.

At the time of interview, applicants referred to Glenwood and Woodward State Hospital-Schools will be assessed to determine if they meet federal government employment requirements as published in the Federal Register, Section 20-CFR-405.1101.

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