Medical Director - Sr. Med. Director [flex] - No Need for Lame Taglines
GLE Creative Talent Inc.
 Derby, CT
We are looking for a strong Medical Director - Sr. Medical Director in the Med Ed space who can provide direction and support to clients marketing goals.


Agency Insight and Culture

  • Challenging work environment the rewards you for your work and provides growth opportunities

  • Flex and remote work opportunities

  • Excellent leadership who is invested in the day to day

  • Stability with both organic and new business

  • Exposure to multiple teams and leadership

  • Promotions based on ability


What Employees are Saying | Glassdoor Reviews

  • “A work place that challenges and rewards hard workers and smart people. To get ahead it is not enough to just “do your job“, you need to think outside of the box, be able to communicate, solve problems, multitask, think on your feet and be a very good listener. And it takes time, as this business is extremely complex.”


  • “Management is very invested in helping, encouraging and eventually promoting hard working employees. But you need to listen and apply. People who show potential and are the right fit will be given all the tools to succeed and move up. After establishing yourself and your work ethic, there is a lot of flexibility as well.”


  • “Good place to learn on the job and gain experience, especially if you are new to the industry.”


The Role You Will Play

  • Develop and oversee projects that demand a high degree of scientific and/or technical understanding.

  • Support Medical Directors and/ or other staff with new business development.

  • Instill confidence in the client and physician advisors to the extent that counsel on issues of content and scientific viability in educational and promotional materials is seriously needed.

  • Guide the client and physician advisors on specialty areas of scientific communications, such as publications strategies, and their execution, CME programs, on-line computer communication, and other specialized medical communication vehicles.

  • Development of scientific content across all areas of medical education. This includes but not limited to, advisory boards, slide kits, educational monographs, publication Plans, symposia, faculty meetings, scientific message development, and opinion leader’s identification and management.

  • Works with Account and Editorial services in a team environment.

  • Attend scientific meetings, symposia, and congresses with the goal of collecting, analyzing and identifying potentially influential data from competitors


Background Profile

  • Advanced degree in biomedical sciences (MD, PhD, PharmD)

  • At least 5 years academic, pharmaceutical industry or agency experience, experience in multiple therapeutic areas