Solution Architect
 Denver, CO
Matillion is data transformation for cloud data warehouses. We are a company with all 5-star customer product reviews on AWS Marketplace and all 5-star employee reviews on Glassdoor. Matillion is dual-headquartered in Manchester, UK and Denver, Colorado and we are expanding the teams across all functions globally.

As a company we are confident without arrogance, customer obsessed and care about our people and communities. With rapid growth for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020, we are looking for people to join Matillion who share our integrity, drive, and passion.

Within our Denver office, we are looking for a Solution Architect to join #TeamGreen.

Delivering Product Demonstrations

  • Delivering product demonstrations, forming the technical half of a live demonstration session.
  • Normally over WebEx / Zoom / GoToMeeting or similar.
  • Communicate and demonstrate the product’s features, advantages and USPs.
  • Answering technical questions that arise during the demonstrationUse a standardized demonstration, but adapted if necessary according to each customer’s specific needs.

Assisting Customers During Pre-sales

  • Providing ad hoc assistance as necessary normally over WebEx / Zoom / GoToMeeting or similar getting the product set up.
  • Providing guidance on specific needs or specific cloud setup.

Answering Customer Support Requests

  • Providing reactive support to customers.
  • Normally via an email support portal.

Providing Post Sales Support

  • Helping the customer succeed, especially in their early use of Matillion.
  • Building example jobs.
  • Answering questions on best practices.
  • Help with specific use cases or integrations.

Creating Digital Content

  • Creating content which encourages customers to self-serve, helps sales and marketing, aids SEO, and helps customers succeed with Matillion.
  • Writing blog articles, varying between component-level, midrange and offering thought leadership.
  • Writing technical articles.
  • Recording YouTube videos.
  • Planning and delivering webinars.

Attending Conferences

  • Representing Matillion at industry conferences nationally or internationally.
  • Staffing the booth.
  • Answering questions from the public.
  • Giving ad hoc product demonstrations.
  • Attending user group meetings.

Functional or Technical Knowledge and Skills Required - Essential

  • Strong ETL or Data Integration experience.
  • Strong SQL skills.
  • Experience working with end-users.
  • Good understanding of the full software development lifecycle.
  • Experience working with RDBMS’s, especially one of the MPP databases: Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, Teradata or Azure SQL -Data WarehouseExperience using Linux or with Bash scripting.
  • Cloud computing: one or more of the following: AWS, GCP or Azure.

Functional or Technical Knowledge and Skills Required - Desirable

  • The following open source technologies: Postgres, MongoDB.
  • Python or Java.
  • NoSQL environments.
  • Network security fundamentals.
  • Web Application Servers (httpd or Tomcat).
  • A 1st or 2:1 in computer science or related subject (qualifications may be waived in lieu of experience).

Personal Capabilities Required, e.g. skills, attitude, strengths

  • Passionate and enthusiastic about the latest information technology advancements.
  • A self-confessed technology geek, with the ability to talk for hours about all things “data”.
  • An intersection of technical skill and first class customer communication. Consultant style, with solid technical/engineering -backgrounds and good customer-facing experience. Ability to thrive in an Agile environment.-
  • Empathy and/or diplomacy when dealing with novices to the Cloud.
Find out more about Matillion

Our purpose-built data transformation products for Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake  are trusted by over 500+ businesses all over the world, including GE, Siemens, Converse and Citrix, making us an industry leader.  Businesses are generating more data than ever before, across a variety of source systems. They need new and more efficient ways of consolidating and transforming your data sources in order to make better, more informed decisions and in turn, gain competitive advantage. Matillion helps businesses of all sizes handle the variety, volume, and velocity of their data, by transforming data across various sources into cloud data warehouses.

When we hire at Matillion, we hire people not roles. We are interested in growing our team whilst protecting our culture, with dedicated and passionate individuals who share our values. The Matillion values are the same across all roles, functions, and geographies.
1. We are Confident without Arrogance: We take pride in what we do but we stay humble.
2. We work with Integrity: We have a strong moral compass; we are transparent, and we hold ourselves accountable.
3. We are Customer Obsessed: We will always go above and beyond, to listen to, acknowledge and value our customers.
4. We Innovate and Demand Quality: We believe no product, process or individual is finished.
5. We have a Bias for Action: We get things a considered way
6. We Care about our People and our Communities: We treat people how we would like to be treated

We are keen to hear from prospective employees, so please apply and a member of our People Operations team will be in touch!