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About the Colorado Department of Education

Through setting a clear vision for increasing student performance, CDE continually supports the advancement and improvement of the state's education system to prepare all learners for success in a rapidly changing global workplace.


All students graduate ready for college and careers, and prepared to be productive citizens of Colorado.


Ensuring equity and opportunity for every student, every step of the way.

Why work for Colorado Department of Education?

We offer great location and great benefits which include:

* Medical and dental plans

* Strong, secure, yet flexible retirement plans including PERA Defined Benefit Plan or PERADefined Contribution Plan plus 401K and 457 plans

* Employee wellness programs

* Paid life insurance

* Short and long-term disability coverage

* No Cost ECO Pass

* 10 paid holidays per year plus vacation and sick leave

* Flexible work schedule options, training opportunities, and more.

Broad Scope of Position:

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is seeking a highly motivated, team-oriented Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst to join the Information Management Services (IMS) Unit. The Business Intelligence Analyst will heavily contribute to the creation of CDE's enterprise approach to business intelligence and data reporting, on a strategic and tactical level. As part of a new team within IMS, the selected individual will provide critical advice and recommendations to school districts and CDE users helping them understand their data and how they can best present it so their constituents can use that data to drive necessary change.

The Business Intelligence Analyst will advise them on the ways that data reporting can contribute to that messaging, will develop reports with them, and in some cases will train them in the use of the reporting tools to promote self-sufficiency. Data is a powerful tool for understanding how well students are performing, but also to glean trends and patterns over time. This person will help educators and other stakeholders to filter through the large amounts of data, focus in on what really counts, and then create reports that encapsulate the critical stories necessary for improving education. Success will be determined by the educators and administrators who can take those reports and then make critical educational decisions based on the data provided.

Utilizing CDE's existing systems and processes as a baseline, this position will collaborate with clients (school districts, parents, advocacy groups, legislators, CDE business units and other members of the public) and IMS peers to evaluate new requirements and changes needed to provide better and more efficient information to CDE's external and internal customers through reporting services. This position will be responsible for developing and maintaining business intelligence solutions necessary to support educational analytical and reporting needs requested by both internal and external stakeholders. The position will be responsible for building enterprise reporting solutions, design and develop complex reports and create dashboards to meet business requirements. Depending on the client requirements and skills, this person will collaborate with and provide advice to super users (school district and CDE) and business analysts to determine the best approach and tool for each unique client need. This will help to both educate the super users and improve the quality of the reports delivered. He/she will help to define requirements and reporting specifications and work closely with users to create the reports and provide report assistance after delivery. This person will provide second-line support for users who develop their own reports on behalf of their departmental colleagues. The person will validate reporting results against requirements and will work with the data warehouse and client teams to understand data sources and implement new requirements going forward. Ensure optimal end-user performance for school districts, CDE and public users by establishing and consistently executing overall reporting system performance assessment processes and associated action plans (That is, assist in defining, implementing, and monitoring best reporting practices for CDE).

This role will be engaged in programs focused on educator effectiveness, educator preparation, school and district accountability frameworks, assessment performance, and other key educational program areas. Understanding of the data in the above listed programs is essential to success in this role.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

* Work closely with IMS's business analysts to reach out to CDE business units and external clients to understand their needs around data analysis and reporting.

* Establish strong relationships with IMS's clients, both internal and external.

* Assist with prioritization of client requests.

* Assist business units to understand and analyze their data, help them to "tell their stories" thru data reporting.

* Identify those clients who would benefit from self-service data reports, and help them to succeed in that effort.

* Provide education and consultation services to internal and external users so they can optimize usage of the delivered reports.

* For those clients who aren't ready for self-service, work with them to determine their data needs and bring that information back to IMS for report generation

* Work closely with the Public Data Reporting team to move the project forward, and assist with communications to other CDE staff on what the end goals are.

* Contribute to CDE's Public Data Reporting 2.0 project as an integral member of the team, helping to define CDE's vision for data management and reporting.This could also include consulting with CDE and external stakeholders (school district leadership, parents, public, etc.) to solicit feedback on high priority needs, and feeding that into our overall strategy.This will include developing approaches to data analysis, examining patterns and trends in our data, and helping to define where CDE "fits" in the world of educational reporting services.

* Once defined, assist to move CDE towards the new vision by making recommendations and identifying gaps in our current state.

* Provide short term help as needed on collections, data management and reporting tasks.

* Provide training to IMS staff on reporting tools as required, and work side by side with the warehouse, development and business analysis teams to provide reporting services.

* Review and analyze data, identify trends and recommend solutions for improvement (could be school/district, CDE operational, financial or other types of data).

* Communicate results of data analysis to clients, IMS personnel, and CDE leadership.

* Other tasks as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

Minimum Qualifications:

* Ability and willingness to travel, especially within CO.

* The ability to pass a background check.

* A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in a related field.

* At least two (2) years of experience as a Tableau (or similar iterative reporting tool) developer.

* Expertise in Data Visualization including effective communication, appropriate chart types, and best practices.

* Knowledge of best practices and experience optimizing Tableau for performance.

* Familiar with relational databases, such as Oracle, and data warehouse concepts.

* At least three (3) years of experience with complex SQL queries.

* Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communications skills are also required.

* Working knowledge of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) concepts.

Preferred Qualifications:

* Experience working with data at a school district or other educational institution.

* Experience training on the use of data reports or data usage.

* Working knowledge of database design, data modeling, and data flow diagrams.

* At least two (2) years of experience as a Cognos developer.

* Working knowledge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Architecture concepts.

* Advanced SQL writing skills including "analytical functions", "ROLLUP, CUBE, GROUPING, and Partition By" constructs.

* Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio and PowerPoint.

* Working knowledge and experience with ETL tool Informatica.

* Experience integrating Tableau into another application or native platforms is a plus


Please email a completed Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Employment Application, letter of interest, and resume to with the Position# and Title in the subject line.

To obtain a Colorado Department of Education Employment Application, visit our website at

All materials submitted should be current and specifically address the qualifications for this position.

Hard copies of application materials and application materials sent via mail or fax will not be accepted.

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