Clinical Attendant PRN as Needed

Hendricks Regional Health Danville, VA
Job Summary :

To support the practice of nursing and the delivery of nursing care through use of a combination of direct patient care, communication modes, client care support and clerical functions that is patient and family centered in an environment that exemplifies best practice and customer service and fosters relationship based care.

Job Description

Essential Responsibilities:

1. Fiscal Responsibility

a. Completes assignment within time frame delegated.

* Assists in transferring, receiving, discharging and transporting clients.

* Within one hour of reporting for duty, rounds on units to

collect/transport specimens and rounds on all units/departments, every

hour to collect specimens and transport to appropriate department.

b. Assumes responsibility for transportation area and reports equipment

malfunctions. This includes appearance and cleanliness of area,

restocking of area, completing work orders, and securing departmental

supplies as directed.

c. Demonstrates Time and Supply Management

* Uses time productively.

* Answers pages and/or returns calls in a timely manner.

* Supports leadership and implementation of scheduling and supply

change to provide quality, cost effective care.

* Uses supplies and equipment judiciously.

d. Supports Staffing/Scheduling Needs

* Calls in at least two hours prior to scheduled shift if unable to work.

* Complies with EDO policy and reassignment of staff in Staffing

Guidelines policy.

* Seeks approval for vacation, unscheduled overtime and arranges equal

trades within job category after schedule posted and completes appropriate schedule request.

* Reports to work and leaves on time; returns from breaks and lunch

periods on time. Utilizes automated time system.

* Limits personal calls and social conversations during work time.

2. Quality

a. Interacts as a team player and participates in continuous quality

improvement activities within the department and organization,

supporting HRH and department QI plan including Peer Review, data

gathering, and change process.

b. Uses common sense and skills to care for the sick or handicapped with regard to the patient's age and diagnosis.

c. Offers suggestions to improve patient experience and service.

d. Documents and participates in patient care per specific unit standards and remains up to date on policies.

3. Patient Satisfaction

a. Serves as an advocate for patient rights and verbalizes HRH model.

b. Takes steps to improve patient satisfaction with care and provides timely service. Provides blanket, slippers, etc. for their comfort and instruction as to where they are going and for what reason to gain cooperation and minimize anxiety.

c. Adjusts routines to meet individual patient needs and assists the RN to

develop, implement, and communicate strategies to improve patient care


d. Supports HRH goals/mission through behavior and communication with physicians, associates, patients/significant others/family members,

visitors, and the hospital as a member of the team.

4. Patient Safety

a. Transports patients safely to and from areas within the hospital as needed, utilizing 2 patient identifiers, safe patient mobilization and fall prevention interventions.

* Checks on mode of transportation needed, special needs of patient

(oxygen, IV stand, etc.), and signs patient out of Nursing Department.

* Follows hospital procedure in wheelchair, cart usage, using locks,

brakes, straps. Follow hospital procedure for any necessary patient accessories, such as catheter bags, chest tubes, etc.

b. Introduces self to patient, confirms patient identification by armband and prepares patient for transport.

c. Assumes responsibility for provision of physical and psychological needs of patients during transport, practices aseptic techniques as necessary, and initiates basic life support action when necessary.

d. Announces arrival of patient to requesting department and signs patient back in upon return to Nursing Department or assists patient into vehicle when transporting discharged patient.

5. Professional Growth

a. Identifies own limitations and seeks assistance when needed, taking a self directed approach to learning activities or skills and follows-up on

recognized needs and correction plans.

b. Shares knowledge and skills with colleagues and others including

orientation and cross-training.

c. Demonstrates leadership and is a role mode and resource for peers as an active council member, super user, or preceptor.

d. Identifies professional needs and collaborates with management for

learning opportunities for self and unit.

e. Participates in development and implementation of departmental goals and attends product and practice change in-services.

6. Customer Service

a. Meets Hospital identified customer service standards; addresses ethical issues, and promotes commitment to co-workers.

b. Exhibits excellent guest relations to patients, visitors, physicians and coworkers; shows courtesy, compassion and respect; conforms to Service

Excellence requirements.

* Introduces self to associates upon arrival and works as member of

team when on nursing units.

* Obtains supplies as directed for departments, through HRH systems.

* Displays courteous, cooperative and supportive behaviors and meets

hospital/department dress code for attire and ID badge.

c. Engages patient, family, and significant others through the practice of

AIDET (Acknowledge, Identify, Duration, Explanation, Thank You)

d. Provide a professional and quiet patient environment, be flexible with

assignments, staffing needs and assigned shifts.

Work Shift :

Varied Shifts (United States of America)

Scheduled Weekly Hours :