Agile Delivery Lead

Our Opportunity:

Chewy is looking to up it's Agile practice game with the creation of the new Agile Delivery Lead role in Dania Beach, FL. The Agile Delivery Lead focuses on the Agile practice development at the team level as well as the burn down of cross team backlogs at the organizational level. The Agile Delivery Lead uses the most effective Agile, Lean, and other practices at the team level to clarify and visualize priorities; focus daily efforts on those priorities; and continually improve and adapt teams and the organization based on learning. They use systems thinking, organizational design principles, lean, Agile, and common sense to ensure the organization is making the most and best decisions it can make as early as possible in the project cycle. If you have done Scrum Master work or Agile Coaching you will be at home with this role.

The Agile Delivery Lead reports to the Director of Agile & Delivery. The role works very closely with Product, Engineering, and the PMO to reify business opportunities. The role is responsible for ensuring the mechanics of value definition, prioritization, and execution are in place, functioning, adapting, and continually improving. This includes, process, practice, technical systems, and reporting.

The role works with teams that are collocated, remote, and hybrid mostly between our Boston and Florida offices so no time zone issues!

What you'll do:

* Set, manage, and meet value delivery expectations for Engineering and Product.

* Understand and provide focus for the three phases of product delivery: Planning, execution, finishing.

* Ability to drive Planning, Execution & Finishing to achieve a delivery

* Facilitate product definition using Agile processes and techniques.

* Facilitate the estimation of work, selection of target dates, and setting expectations with the team, leadership, and stakeholders.

* Track and communicate status broken out by teams, people, risks, decisions and other metrics deemed helpful to removing impediments, making decisions, and driving delivery.

* React to warning signals by identifying risks, inefficiencies, ambiguity, and other factors that undermine focus, understanding, and action.

* Run team level Agile meeting rituals to facilitate communication, early surfacing and resolution of impediments, driving decisions, mitigation of risks, and constant learning, adaptation, and improvement.

* Raise signals and request changes to project structure, resourcing, roles, etc. in order to improve outcomes.

* Ensure all tools, systems, and practices are up to date and followed properly by all participants in the delivery effort.

* Facilitate dialogue and drive decisions to accrue or avoid technical debt as it relates to meeting delivery expectations

* Follow up with and drive to completion trailing issues.

* Declare victory.

* Focus team on technical debt and burn it down.

* Help team to transition to new delivery work.

* Identify, track, and communicate organizational gaps in roles, accountability, or responsibility that impede delivery.

* Identify and communicate gaps in organizational systems that impede delivery.

* Track delivery metrics over time and report on changes to value throughput.

* Work with leadership to understand the impact of decisions, changes, or lack of same, on value throughput.

What you'll need:

* Previous experience working on Agile teams as Scrum Master, Agile Coach, or a related role

* Ability to read and use various graphs such as CFDs, control charts, burn downs, etc.

* Ability to drive activity across teams and functions to get things done

* Ability to manage many details simultaneously, keep communication lines open, and actions coordinated

* Outstanding written and oral communication skills; role models effective, authentic communication.

* Position may require travel


* Background in software engineering

* Background and experience in e-commerce

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