SPED Unit Teacher Assistant (Grade: K-5)
Dallas Independent School District
 Dallas, TX
  • Help teacher prepare instructional materials and classroom displays
  • Help maintain a neat and orderly classroom and prepare classroom according to student needs
  • Help with inventory, care and maintenance of equipment
  • Help teacher keep administrative records and prepare required reports
  • Provide orientation and assistance to substitutes teachers
  • Assist students with physical disabilities according to their needs, including transferring to and from wheelchairs, lifting or positioning
  • Assist students with physical needs and personal care, including feeding, bathroom needs and personal hygiene
  • Assist with classroom curriculum
  • Help manage behavior of students which includes intervening in crisis situations and restraining disruptive or dangerous student behavior as needed
  • Assume responsibility for learning and adapting to each student's special medical, physical, communicative and emotional needs
  • Work with individual students or small groups to develop motor skills and conduct instructional exercises assigned by teacher
  • Help supervise students throughout the school day, inside and outside the classroom which includes lunchroom, bus and playground duty
  • Keep teacher informed of special needs or problems of individual students
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Participate in staff development training programs, faculty meetings and special events as assigned
  • Perform all other tasks and duties as assigned
  • Accredited Senior High School Diploma or equivalent (U.S.A. equivalency), plus one of the following: Associate degree, 48 college credit hours, pass an academic assessment
  • Paraprofessional certificate required from State Board of Certification
  • Successful completion of a specific training program for teacher assistants or six months of knowledge and skills acquired through work experience preferred
  • Demonstrated general knowledge of child growth/development and behavior characteristics
  • Demonstrated ability to work with people from diverse ethnic groups
  • Demonstrated organizational and interpersonal skills required to meet the goals of the position
  • Demonstrated initiative and a willingness to follow verbal and written instructions
  • Demonstrated effective communication skills both in oral and written form
  • Demonstrated ability to work with children with disabilities