Senior Vice President, CORE Operations - Hospital Medicine
SCP Health
 Dallas, TX


Support and lead the Company's efforts to achieve and maintain the position as a leader in the provision of Hospital Medicine management services. Primary oversight and overall accountability for the performance of the HM service line, providing direction to the field operating teams, working closely in collaboration with the service lines Chief Medical Officer, Group Medical Officers, and other personnel charged with responsibility to advance the performance and results of our HM practices. In addition, responsible to ensure that our HM practices are designed and managed in alignment with our emergency medicine practices, and in service to the goals & objectives of SCP's Value-Based services division which includes, but it not limited to, our BPCI-A programs and post-acute care services.

The responsibilities as outlined below shall be more specifically expanded and refined in accordance with those goals and objectives routinely established by Corporate and additionally, by virtue of and commensurate with the obligations and commitments made to our Client Hospitals.



  • Seek to build and maintain consensus, alignment, and focus on priorities and objectives within and across service delivery teams with client satisfaction and retention as the chief measurements of success.
  • Exhibit/deliver timely, thorough, consistent, clear, and effective communication to all internal Company stakeholders and employees as well as providers, medical directors, and client representatives.
  • Provide direction, guidance, and influence over designated field ops personnel.
  • Build and lead a high-performance workplace culture that contributes to a high level of employee satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity.
  • Accountable for the delivery of practice management services consistent with our contractual obligations as established with hospital clients and providers.
  • Establish and execute on shared goals and related strategic priorities with EM and HM client service teams, Staffing Operations, Value-based services, and Central Office departments.
  • Develop and maintain highly effective and collaborative partnership relationships with key client representatives and industry leaders.
  • Ensure the delivery of consistent, timely, and effective practice productivity improvement initiatives.
  • Diligent oversight, direction, and leadership on the new client on-boarding process.
  • Responsible to work collaboratively and effectively with Physician leadership counterparts (along with other department representatives) to develop, deploy, and maintain training, mentorship, and leadership development programs enough to ensure a high level of performance and retention of our appointed practice Medical Directors.
  • Responsible to contribute to the effective operation of Recruiting, Scheduling, and Credentialing personnel, systems, and processes.
  • Seek to gather and maintain current and reliable intelligence on market rate trends for HM professionals (i.e. Physicians, NPs, and PAs).
  • Pursue and maintain awareness of competitor service delivery models and related successes or challenges.


  • Accountable for the service line's financial performance in the achievement of revenue, expense, and margin targets in compliance with budget constraints and/or in response to unanticipated revenue/margin challenges or opportunities.
  • Responsible to ensure that the HM service line is functioning with the necessary resources, priorities, and action plans necessary to favorably influence and contribute to the success of the Value-Based Services Division.
  • Accountable for the Groups performance in managing the cost of the business (General & Administrative expenses) in compliance with budget constraints and/or revenue limitations and/or opportunities.
  • Responsibility to identify, drive, and lead the introduction and deployment of new eHealth solutions in our HM practices with an ROI measurement attached to one or more of the following: Cost reduction/mitigation, provider satisfaction, patient care enhancement, or client satisfaction.
  • Contribute to growth strategy development and provide significant leadership influence on and contributions to sales target identification and pursuit.
  • Ensure Group's optimal and appropriate use of Company technology resources, and accountable for the quality and integrity of Group data entered into systems.
  • Ensure performance in accordance with all legal and regulatory compliance standards and expectations.

Scope of Responsibilities & Reporting relationship

  • Report to: President of Hospital Medicine Operations
  • Oversight of HM programs and those personnel responsible for service delivery contract relationships

Educational and/or Professional Qualifications

  • College Degree Required
  • Master's Degree (MBA/MHA) Preferred
  • Clinical education & experience a plus

Previous Experience

  • Minimum ten (10) years of demonstrated success in leadership and management in the HealthCare delivery space and/or:
  • Executive level responsibility over the operation of multi-site, multi-specialty medical practices a plus:
  • Prior extensive responsibility over a P&L in a patient care related business is preferred.