Medical Sales - Paid Internship

Medical Sales Recruiting
 Dallas, TX

Looking for a lucrative career in the medical sales industry?

Orthopaedic surgical sales could be for you!

1. Average income more than $180,000

2. Recession Proof

3. Work alongside surgeons in the operating room

4. #1 Professional Sales Career

At Medical Sales College we offer 8 and 12-week courses in various orthopedic device specialties. We take inexperienced candidates and train them for a career in medical device sales. Our Talent Acquisition team works directly with top orthopedic device companies to assist graduates in getting hired. Many of our graduates also obtain jobs outside of orthopaedics because of the transferable skills learned at Medical Sales College. After attending one of our programs and learning from our team of industry experts, your chances of getting hired increase significantly, as seen with our job placement rate of over 90%.


10+ Years of history with more than 2,000 Job Placements

Over 90% Success Rate of Job Placement

2,000+ Employers registered exclusively with MSC

Largest recruiter in medical sales

As an alternative to immediately attending one of our programs we are offering a 12-month internship to join our team!


As critical members of the team, interns will spend the first six months building phone skills and answering questions from prospective students while learning all about Medical Sales College. In the second half of the internship, interns will contribute to the promotion and growth of Medical Sales College by sourcing new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound phone calls, emails and texts. An opportunity to earn commissions in addition to your base salary is presented in this second half when lead conversion produces students.

Job Requirements:


Medical Sales College is the only industry recognized training program that will replace the required orthopaedic experience that employers demand for job consideration. During your time as an intern you will develop relationships with our internal industry experts and executive leadership team. This experience will drive your professional development and build a strong foundation in preparation for a career in medical device sales. You will be able to build your own network within the industry to accelerate your own career as a medical device representative. After successful completion of your internship, you will receive free tuition and admittance into any one of our programs/campus locations. After completion of the internship and program, you will have the opportunity to enter the medical device industry anywhere in the U.S.


No. Our goal at MSC is to find the most dedicated non-experienced candidates interested in medical device sales who need training and assistance with job placement. In some instances a candidate may lack the necessary funding or professional experience required to attend Medical Sales College, and therefore would be a good fit for the internship.


The internship is designed for those individuals with little to no prior work experience and who are seeking to grow professionally over a period of 12 months before entering the industry of medical device sales. The ideal candidate must have the ability to relocate to Tampa, FL for the duration of the internship.